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49 Responses to “Downloads”

  1. Rich Says:

    Hey Ed, what fonts do you use for the Pathfinder Beginner Box Race Addendum?
    I’m making an alternate Races addendum for my son and nephew for the races I’ll allow in my home games (They’ve got a party they’re going to try out using a Half-Ogre barbarian, a Tengu monk, a Wayang witch and a Whisper Gnome (from 3.5’s Races of Stone) Ninja.
    Since I’ve bound my classes I’m using of your class updates, I figure I’ll put in your racial one and my racial alternates, as well. I’d just like for them to look as much as they can as your stuff

    – Rich
    (Rebis Ouroboros)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hello…PFBB “Omega” Box link “Relic Weapons”
    takes you to “Omega Box Explorer Class” PDF.
    Thanks in advance.

  3. Alikh Says:

    Hi Ed. A newbie rpg adventurer from Latin Amercia here. Your Pathfinder Beginner Box Material it´s making my entrance to this hobby a LOT easier. I believe I´m the only guy traying to play this game here in my town. I got my Beginner Box, Core Rulebook, Bestiary and a couple of tiles just a few days ago. When I was starting making a character using the BB, I dind´t know how to use the other races and classes from the Core Rulebook but with the easy and friendly instructions from the BB but you solve that big problem! I´m still creating my first character, and I can wait to teach to my friends how to do it so we can play our first adventure!

    ¡Saludos amigo!
    -Greetings my friend!-

    • edowar Says:

      Awesome! I’m glad I’ve been able to help your transition to the world of RPGs. I think you’ll find that most RPGers are friendly, helpful people, so feel free to ask questions. And good luck with your first game.

  4. Red Silvers Says:

    Are you planning to add the Antipaladin and the Ninja?

    • edowar Says:

      Wow, thank you for catching that. The Ninja was already done, but somehow I overlooked putting it into the consolidated class conversions….doh! I’ll post a revised version shortly.

      As for the anti-Paladin, is that in any of the core PF books? If it’s a prestige class, I wasn’t planning on doing conversions for them. If it’s a 3rd party class, I’d be willing to do a conversion for it provided I could get the class information inexpensively and that the class is designated open game content.

    • edowar Says:

      Okay, the document has been corrected to include the Ninja. Sorry for the oversight.

  5. Alikh Says:

    Hi Ed, it´s me again. I´m still practicing with character creation, traying diferent races, classes, skills, feats, etc. The Beginner Box allows to the players to reach LV 5, but what happens after that? If I want to jump to the Core Rulebook, I need to create a new character? Sorry for the bad english, I´m not an english native speaker. (I´m not even sure if all the stuff I wrote it´s correct XD)

    • edowar Says:

      Don’t worry, I understand your English. It’s better than some native English speakers I know. 🙂

      As for the level restrictions, Paizo designed the Beginner Box to be a starter product to get new players to try Pathfinder. They intend for players to move over to the core Pathfinder books after level 5. You shouldn’t need to create new characters, but it will probably take a little work to convert your existing characters to the core rules, but shouldn’t be too hard to do. Hope this helps.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    The link to the Race Addendum seems to be broken

  7. zG Says:

    I’m not sure what “Consolidated Feats” PDF is supposed to be (a list of all feats in BBHH + others?) but at a quick look, Thoughness is the errata BBHH version. In the correct version, there isn’t the line that talks about Fighters.

    Improved Spell Difficulty prereq is Cleric or Wizard (maybe you removed so it can be used by other casters?)

    Point-Blank Shot hasn’t dex 13 as prereq.

    • edowar Says:

      Where’s the correct version of Toughness for the BB? The HH has the line about fighters, and from what I can tell the Player’s Pack doesn’t errata it. Maybe there’s been another BB errata put out since I did these?

      I’ll change Improved Spell Difficulty to require “Spell Casters” so it’s clear.

      I seem to recall a dev post saying that Point Blank Shot was supposed to require DEX 13+, but it was a while ago so I might be mis-remembering.

      Thank you for the feedback.

    • edowar Says:

      Modified version is up.

  8. zG Says:

    Sadly there isn’t an updated errata but SKR himself confirm it.. You can find it here:

    And here you can find a compiled errata from forum answers not published anywhere else (so I guess very few people know about it).

    It’s totally possible that SKR said something about Point Blank Shot in some thread that I didn’t found. I don’t know why they don’t just make and update an errata pdf file as soon as they confirm something in forum or elsewhere instead of waiting months like it was a published document. And how someone is supposed to know that erratas are in Player Pack and GM Kit? But I digress..

  9. Nathaniel Says:

    Hi EdOWar,

    I really love the way that your downloads and your posts have expanded the Beginner Box to an E5 game that really can be played on its own. It’s definitely inspired me a hell of lot in running the wonderful physical object that is the Beginner Box. I am writing to ask whether it would be possible for you to provide the Consolidated Beastiary in PDF format?


    • edowar Says:

      Thank you, I’m glad you find the PFBB material to be useful.

      I tried converting the Beastiaries to PDF when I did the first ones, but the lines don’t come out right so I left them in Rich Text Format, which should work with pretty much any type of word processing program.

      However, I can convert them to PDF if you don’t have access to a word processing program.

  10. UberFab Says:

    Ed! (Can I call you ed?)

    This is amazing! It’s too bad I didn’t come I’m a semi-experienced rpger trying my hand at DM’ing for 3 brand new players. We’re playing the BB in order to ween them into RPGing, and they’re looking forward to the Core game, specifically the race and class choice, and I think your works of art will be PERFECT as a transition medium for them.
    BUT (you saw a but coming, didn’t you?) one of them is aching to be a Ranger Beastmaster. Is there any possibility of creating that archetype for ransgers, instead of only the archer or two-weapon archetypes?

    Thanks for all your done.

    • edowar Says:

      From what I can tell, Ranger Beastmasters still retain their choice between ranged and two-weapon combat styles. What changes is the nature of their 4th level Hunter’s Bond ability. I’d apply the following: +2 on wild empathy checks, and use the druid pet ability, but the pet’s level is Ranger level -3 (so they pick an animal companion at 4th level). The ranger may choose from all available animal companion choices, per the druid ability. This replaces the Hunter’s Bond ability. Hope this helps.

  11. A Grandmaster’s Guide to Good Guilding #2: Choosing a Game System | The Rot Grub Says:

    […] Lastly, I find that kids’ exposure these days to computer and videogame RPGs and from movies and television means that they often come in with more-definite concepts that simply cannot be met under older rules systems. As opposed to 1986, when I was nine years old and reading the Basic D&D Red Box and salivating at the descriptions of Magic-Users and Thieves for the first time (sheesh, even the concept of character classes was new to me!), I often have a kid joining my class who already has a specific idea of what kind of character they want to be, such as “I want to be a monster who’s a barbarian!” or “I to be a necromancer!” Sure, these concepts are not in the Pathfinder Beginner Box, but I can graft a few classes and races from the full Pathfinder Core Rulebook and from the Advanced Race Guide, help them with their character sheet, and insert them into a Beginner Box game with few problems. (Also, EDOWar has an excellent set of conversions of the 21 character classes and 4 additional core races from the Pathfinder Core Rulebook, Advanced Player’s Guide, Ultimate Combat and Ultimate Magic on his website.) […]

  12. Max Says:

    Hey Ed,
    I can’t download the Beginner Box Conversion Class. Could you provide another link, please?

  13. Max Says:

    Ed, I cannot express how gratefull I am with your works. Your the best thing that ever happen to this planet after sexting…

    And I’m ashame to myself for asking you this;

    Would you please make the BB version of d20 Star Wars RPG from WotC?

    At any case, you have my gratitude for your work on BB. Thank you.

    • edowar Says:

      Thank you, I’m glad you like the BB conversions. Unfortunately I don’t really have the time (or inclination, to be perfectly honest) to do a d20 Star Wars conversion of the BB.

      However, there’s no reason you couldn’t do it. You might borrow some ideas from the Omega Box material I did to get you started. Some of the classes (like fighters and rogues) would probably transfer straight over. Just call clerics and wizards Jedi/Sith, with a bit of tinkering.

  14. RandomEncounter Says:

    Is there any way to save these as pdf documents to my tablet? I like to have these handy when I don’t have internet access.

  15. Andrew K. Says:

    Hi, edowar! Thanks so much for your efforts on consolidating the additional classes for the Pathfinder Beginner Box. They’re a huge help to my group and I’m going to run it for the first time this weekend! My players have picked their classes and I have a quick question about the Druid.

    Under Nature Bond it reads “[your animal companion] adds half your level to its AC (round down) . . . .” My question is does this take armor into account? If my player’s druid is wearing +4 Hide Armor plus a +1 wooden shield at level 1, is her animal companion’s AC then her total AC plus half her level? If she takes off her armor, does her companion’s AC drop, too? Or should it be half her level plus her flat-footed AC?

    Also, is half of level 1 rounded down 0 or is there a minimum of +1?

    Apologies if this is a stupid question – This is our first tabletop RPG.

    • edowar Says:

      The animal companion should have its own base AC (check the Bestiary for type; if you’re unsure, assume a base AC of 10 or 12), so to that animal’s AC add 1/2 the Druid’s level. The Druid’s armor plays no role in determining the animal companion’s AC bonus.

      Checking the charts for Druid in the PF core rulebook, I see that animal companions get no AC bonus at levels 1 and 2, so I would say round down to 0, but ultimately it’s up to you whether you want to grant a minimum AC bonus of +1.

      And no such thing as stupid questions. 🙂

  16. Andrew K. Says:

    That’s great – thanks a ton!

  17. Steve Says:


    You’ve done some amazing conversions for the Pathfinder Beginner Box.

    Personally speaking, if Paizo ever decides to come out with a new version of Pathfinder (to compete with D&D5E), they should take a good look at what they did with the PFBB, as it is simpler for people to get into.

    Just curious though, as I’ve already checked the message boards at Paizo: Has anybody come out with more pregenerated PF iconics using the other classes you converted? So far, we only have Ezren, Kyra, Merisiel, and Valeros from the boxed set itself. I know the PDF of the Barbarian rules exists, but forget if it has the iconic included.

    • edowar Says:

      Thank you! And I agree that Paizo could look to the BB for a new version of Pathfinder. Unfortunately, I don’t think they’ll do so anytime soon.

      So far as I know, no additional pregenerated iconic characters have been created, not even for the Barbarian in the Player’s Pack PDF.

      Some have asked me to make pregenerated characters based on the conversions, but it isn’t something I’m interested in doing (I’d rather roll up my own character 😉 ).

      However, if someone wanted to create “iconics” based on my class conversions, that would be just fine by me.



  18. Oxide JCHart Says:

    I really like OmegaLite20! You should do some more stuff with it if you have time. If you need any art, let me know and you can use any of my stuff on DriveThru for free.

  19. Clint Smith Says:

    The PFBB consolidated links go to an error page on mediafire. Bummer. Thanks!

  20. Bernardo Moreira Says:

    Hi Ed,
    I just finished my first PFBB campaign and I started to look for more material. The Conversion files that are still online are awesome, great work
    would it be possible to re-upload some of the files that are missing? Im looking specially for the PFBB Race Template (RTF), I could not find that anywhere.

    Thanks a lot for the files, the one I could download they added a lot of material

    • EdOWar Says:

      Sorry, I haven’t been receiving notification of these recent posts. I will look at the links when I have a chance, probably this weekend. Thanks for the heads up!

  21. EdOWar Says:

    All broken links have been fixed. Sorry for the inconvenience. Cheers.

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