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Z Nation – The re-review

October 25, 2014

Okay, I don’t normally re-review things I’ve already reviewed, but I have to say that Z Nation is really shaping up to be a fun zombie show (here’s my earlier review, in case you’re interested).  Note that the emphasis is on fun, not gut-wrenching horror and drama.

Z Nation is a little corny, a little campy, a little silly and a whole log of grindhouse.  Things like Z-nados (with gratuitous reference to the Sharknado movies, of course), or the Liberty Bell crushing a bunch of zombies, or a zombie scrunched up into the wheel-base of a Deuce-and-a-half Army truck (still alive and clawing for brains, natch), or the “savior” of humanity who’s slowly transforming into a zombie-human hybrid thing.

Yeah, it’s not all fun-and-games.  There’s a fair amount of guts and gore (lots of zombie headshots…with guns, not cameras), and a little tragedy too (though not to the level of the Walking Dead).  Walking Dead is a fine show, but man it can be really depressing at times.  Z Nation is just fun to watch all of the time.

And it’s great fodder for your next zombie apocalypse survival RPG game. 😉  If you like zombies and you haven’t checked Z Nation out yet, you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try.  Cheers.


Z Nation

September 13, 2014

ZNationSyfy channel debuted a new zombie series yesterday, Z Nation.  It has an interesting premise: a group of survivors have to ‘escort’ someone who’s immune to the zombie virus across the apocalyptic U.S. to a laboratory 3000 miles away.  That should help give the show a little direction.

However, if you’re looking for something like Walking Dead, you’ll be disappointed.  First off, the production quality, while acceptable, doesn’t live up to Walking Dead’s level (think Syfy special zombie movie turned into a series).  The acting is passable…it gets the job done but won’t win any awards.  Also, my feel for the show is that it has a bit more camp than WD; there’s still drama, and survivors with mysterious backgrounds and all that, and the immune survivor is a convicted criminal who’s not too keen on saving humanity (a nice twist).  But the gut-wrenching drama and horror of Walking Dead isn’t there.

Personally, I enjoyed the first episode, but I’m not sure how well the premise will hold up over the long haul.  It was fun, and I’ll give it a chance, but the show may not be for everyone.  Cheers.

The 100

June 5, 2014

the100The 100 is a post-apocalyptic show on the CW.  And this write up is perhaps a bit late in coming, considering the season is almost over.  And it’s actually turned out to be a pretty decent post-apocalypse TV show.  Better, in some respects, than Revolution (which in many ways seemed to me to be more of a Western than a post-apocalypse show).  The 100 is sort of a mix of Lord of the Flies, meets Gamma World, meets <insert teen drama of choice>.

The premise is some time in our (near) future, there’s a nuclear war that wipes out civilization.  Thirteen nations have inhabited space stations, and 12 of those stations connect to form the Ark, an orbital habitat for the last remnants of humanity (or so they think).  There’s hints that something bad happened to the 13th station, which motivated the other 12 to join forces.

Resources are scarce on the Ark, so the rules are strict.  If you violate any of them, no matter how minor, they float you out an airlock.  Period.  But, if you’re under 18 when you break the law, they put you in a cell and then wait until you’re 18 to kill you (which, granted, doesn’t make a lot a sense for a space habitat with limited resources).  After about 100 years of this, the Council that runs the Ark discovers that the air system is failing and they’ve only got a few months left to figure something out.

So, they gather up all the under 18-year-olds they’ve detained, throw them into a lander and drop them on Earth.  It’s a reprieve for the kids (of sorts) and an experiment for the Ark to see if Earth can support life so they can return to the surface.

Of course, not everything goes according to plan.  They have a rough landing and loose communication, so it’s a while before they can inform the Ark that Earth is, indeed, inhabitable.  Meanwhile, there’s intrigue and betrayal aplenty on the Ark, as well.  Finally, it turns out people, called Grounders, survived the war, and they aren’t particularly nice.  Then throw in some mutated animals and plants, acid fog clouds, pre-war bunkers and bomb-shelters and so on, and you’ve got a decent setting for a post-apocalypse RPG game.

Except for the teen drama, of course.  Which is easily the worst part of the show.  Fortunately, I’m able to grit my teeth and bear a few minutes of young stupidity until they get back to the interesting stuff…like cannibalistic Reapers who live in old mine tunnels, or an old civil defense bunker with a cache of guns, or some other mysterious force with the technology to jam a navigation computer on a landing ship (causing it to crash).

Edit:  I thought I’d read that the show had already been cancelled, but then I just read that it’s been renewed for a second season.  Which is a good thing, because it seems to just be getting better as it goes (the post-apoc parts of it, at least).

Transolar Galactica

November 13, 2012

This is a web series that needs more attention.  Here’s episode 1; if you like what you see you can find the other nine epsisodes at YouTube.  Cheers.


November 6, 2011

I recently discovered a BBC comedy called Hyperdrive on Netflix, starring Nick Frost (Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz) as the captain of the HMS Camden Lock looking out for Great Britain’s commercial interests in the 22nd Century (no Prime Directive here).  It’s sort of a spoof on Star Trek, with Frost playing an anti-Kirk (though he does have his moments).  The space FX look pretty good considering; the interior sets and props look a bit cheesy, though I suspect it’s a deliberate decision rather than due to a low budget (though it could be due to a low budget, too).  It’s not the greatest comedy ever, but if you like science fiction and British humor it’s good for some laughs.  Note that some of the humor can be a bit risque.

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