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Minor Ranger Correction

January 31, 2012


Just noticed a minor typo on the Ranger.  Under 2nd level class abilities, it says “Select either Archery to Two-Weapon Fighting Style.”  It should read “Select either Archery or Two-Weapon Fighting Style,” though I’m sure most of you already figured that out. 🙂  Sorry about that.

PFBB Inquisitor

January 31, 2012

Here’s the Pathfinder Beginner Box version of the Inquisitor.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Just two more APG classes to go, then I’ll do the Magus, and then on to the Ultimate Combat classes.

Last week I said I’d put out a consolidated spell list sometime this week, but I think I may delay that a bit.  It seems to make more sense to do that after all the casting class conversions are done.

Space Nazis

January 29, 2012

Saw a trailer for Iron Sky for the first time yesterday.  All I can say is, it looks freakin’ hilarious.

Comes out this April, I believe.  There’s a bunch of other trailers for it up on YouTube if you want to see more.

Pew! Pew! Got Lasers for your Beginner Box? Now you do!

January 27, 2012

A while back I had the idea of using the Pathfinder Beginner Box to do a conversion of Omega World.  Here’s the first part of that effort, relic weapons, done up in the Beginner Box format, like so:

These are based off the relic weapons in Omega World, with some tweaks:  I consolidated some of the weapons, changed some of the names, and added one or two new ones.

As these are done in BB format you could use them if you wanted to add a little old-school science-fantasy goodness to your BB or PF core game.

I used the following dingbats obtained from dafont for the weapon images:

I’ll gradually expand on the Omega Box concept and rules over time.  Next in the series will probably be mutants and mutations, because mutations are always fun, and you could use them in a PF game to boot!

Another PFBB Bard Correction

January 26, 2012


Made another minor correction to the Bard (one of the spells used INT instead of CHA for saving throw DC).  Also, somehow I missed that the Heroes Handbook already had the sleep spell, so I corrected the Bard’s version to match the HH version (except that it uses CHA instead of INT 😉 ).  Here it is.

One interesting thing I noticed about sleep is that it refers to hit dice, but no where else in the BB are hit dice mentioned, at least not for monsters.  Maybe they meant to use monster CR instead?  I’ve posted a question about it at the Paizo forums; I’ll update this post when I have an answer.

Edit:  Apparently this was answered in the BB Player’s Pack: “Turn to page 29. If the wizard’s sleep spell says “Hit Dice,” change “Hit Dice” to “character levels or CR 3.”

PFBB Conslidated Feats

January 25, 2012

Here’s the document consolidating all the feats I’ve added from the various PFBB class conversions I’ve done so far.  I’ll revise this again once I’ve finished all the conversions in a month or two.

Also, someone asked to have all the classes consolidated into one PDF, including the base classes in the same format.  I can do that, but not until I’ve finished the remaining conversions.


PFBB Witch

January 24, 2012


Here’s  the Witch class conversion for Pathfinder Beginner Box.  One significant change I made is to treat the familiar as basically a piece of equipment rather than as a pet.  You pick one, it gives a certain bonus, and then sticks close to you.  It can’t be independently targeted, nor does it get attacks of its own, nor can it cast touch spells for you.

It has occurred to me that I should probably put together a consolidated list of all the feats and spells I’ve added through these class conversions.  The feats should be easy to do and I ought to have that up in a day or two.  The spells will take more time, but I hope to have that up some time next week.


Edit:  As pointed out, there was a spelling error in one of the spells.  It has since been corrected and the link updated.

PFBB Race Addendum

January 23, 2012

I’ve worked up a quick addendum adding the Gnome, Half-elf, Half-orc and Halfling races to the Pathfinder Begginer Box.  You can download it here.

So, I’m presently working on the Witch class conversion (since I had at least one person request it earlier).  Hopefully I’ll have that finished by tomorrow.

PFBB Cavalier

January 19, 2012


Here’s the promised Cavalier conversion for the Pathfinder Beginner Box.  I have to say this was probably the easiest conversion I’ve done, and I think it shows in the Cavalier’s relative power.  Or should I say, relative lack of power.  Of course, I haven’t had a chance to run it in a game yet, but just reading it it seems to me the Cavalier has less going for it than most of the other classes.  I tried to spruce it up a bit here and there, such as removing the AC penalty for challenges, but it still seems a bit ‘meh’ to me.  If you find this is indeed the case in your game, consider allowing Cavaliers to add their CHA bonus (if they have one) to damage rolls when issuing challenges.

Also, I chose three Orders to include in this conversion, mainly for their ease of conversion and rules ‘lightness.’  One of these, the Order of the Shield, I feel stands out clearly as ‘the best.’  I could tinker with the other orders a bit to bring them up to par, but that would mean adding new abilities wholesale.  Considering these are supposed to be conversions, I want to avoid that.  And so, while the Shield has some fairly onerous edicts, I recommend being a little more strict interpreting those edicts than you might otherwise be for the other orders.

So, all that said, hope you enjoy the new conversion.  Game on!

WotC to Reprint 1st Edition AD&D

January 19, 2012

As usual, I’m a day late and a dollar short, but in case you haven’t heard it yet:  Wizards of the Coast is reprinting the three core books of 1st Edition AD&D this April (click here to read about it).  Wow.  Gotta say, this gives me a little more hope that 5th edition D&D will be something an old schooler like me can play.

I still have my complete set of 1st edition books, plus a few spares I picked up here and there, but I’ll probably still buy these (unless Wizards sets a stupidly high price for them).

So, the Cavalier is next up for PFBB conversion, which I hope to have later today or by tomorrow.  Cheers.