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Weapons Break

September 15, 2016


Something Pathfinder (or most fantasy RPGs, including D&D) doesn’t touch on is the frequency with which Medieval weapons broke.  My research indicates weapons, especially swords, broke frequently, primarily due to the poor quality steel most blacksmiths had to work with during the Medieval period.  But even weapons made of high quality steel could still break with ‘robust’ use.

It bothers me that, barring unusual circumstances, RPG characters can often use the exact same weapon purchased at creation all through their adventuring careers, when history suggests it was actually fairly rare for a weapon to be used so long, let alone be passed on to one’s heirs.


To reflect this, I am considering using the following rules next time I run a game:

  • Standard weapons break on a natural attack roll of 1 or 2.
  • Masterwork weapons break on a natural attack roll of 1.
  • Magic weapons have a percentage chance of breaking on a natural attack roll of 1:
    • +1 weapons have a 5% chance of breaking
    • +2 weapons have a 4% chance of breaking
    • +3 weapons have a 3% chance of breaking
    • And so on

The purpose of these rules is to further complicate the logistics side of the game, to encourage players to carry multiple weapons (for backup), hopefully discourage the tendency of Pathfinder characters to hyper-specialize in a single weapon, thus injecting a touch more verisimilitude in the game.

If these rules seem unduly harsh to you, you may consider having normal weapons break on a natural 1, masterwork weapons having a 50% chance of breaking on a natural 1, and magic weapons break only under extraordinary circumstances.



Pew! Pew! Got Lasers for your Beginner Box? Now you do!

January 27, 2012

A while back I had the idea of using the Pathfinder Beginner Box to do a conversion of Omega World.  Here’s the first part of that effort, relic weapons, done up in the Beginner Box format, like so:

These are based off the relic weapons in Omega World, with some tweaks:  I consolidated some of the weapons, changed some of the names, and added one or two new ones.

As these are done in BB format you could use them if you wanted to add a little old-school science-fantasy goodness to your BB or PF core game.

I used the following dingbats obtained from dafont for the weapon images:

I’ll gradually expand on the Omega Box concept and rules over time.  Next in the series will probably be mutants and mutations, because mutations are always fun, and you could use them in a PF game to boot!

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