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5th Edition Mutations

October 6, 2014

5theditionmutationsThe following is a first pass at a list of mutations using 5th Edition D&D rules for a post-apocalypse setting.  Most of the mutations are beneficial, some are detrimental and a few are just benign.  Many are combed from monster and class abilities already present in the PHB and MM, others are inspired by other sources and a few I made up myself.

Please note, I’ve made no attempt to balance these mutations; some are vastly superior to others.  It’s not really intended that you slap these mutations onto standard 5th Edition characters, though you can certainly do so if you wish.  I may (or may not) eventually roll this out to a more fleshed-out PA setting…well see.

Here you go:  5th Edition Mutations



The Metamorphica

September 25, 2012

A couple of months ago I posted the Ultimate Grand Unified Junk Table, the most complete random junk table (that I know of) for post-apocalyptic games like Gamma World.  At the time I considered something similar for a massive table of random mutations.  Now, thanks to The Metamorphica, and its author Johnstone Metzger, I don’t have to.

The Metamorphica is broken down into two parts:  the first part has tables for hundreds (maybe thousands?) of mutations with brief non-mechanical descriptions, and the second part has tables for generating mutant characters in various settings, such as post-apocalypse, super-heroes, grim fantasy or sci-fi.

The mutations come with no rules or mechanics.  This is great if you’re using a relatively rules light system.  But if you’re using a system with some crunch (like Pathfinder, for example), you’ll have to do some work.  Still, it’s a marvelous reference source and compilation of various mutations drawn from a wide range of material, and you can always just pick and choose the ones you like best for your game.

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