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Dakka’s Story

April 28, 2017

Character background for a goblin gunslinger/alchemist character I’ll be playing in an upcoming Pathfinder game.


Dakka’s Story

Dakka born in Firebitah tribe. Firebitah’s make fire real good. Dakka best Firebitah ever!

One day Dakka make fire in the Firebitah village. Whole village burn down. Many Firebitahs die. Other Firebitahs very angry, chase Dakka out of village. Dakka sad.

Dakka wander for long time. Make many fires to make Dakka happy. But no use! Dakka still sad.

Dakka meet the Birdeater tribe. Birdeaters eat birds! Dakka eats lots of good birds. Dakka happy.

Then, one day, Dakka make fire in the Birdeater village. Whole village burn down. Many Birdeaters die. Other Birdeaters angry, chase Dakka away. Dakka sad.

Again Dakka wander world, making many fires. But fires not make Dakka happy anymore.

One day Dakka finds human camp. Humans wear metal, have big swords. They soldiers! Dakka scared.

Dakka make fire to scare away humans. Burn down human camp. Humans angry, catch Dakka, put Dakka in cage.

Hah, stupid humans! Dakka pick lock and escape. Start fire to make humans confused. Fire burns down rest of human camp. Dakka laugh so hard, humans catch Dakka again.

Humans now VERY angry, want to kill Dakka. But the boss leader, Old Man, makes humans stop killing Dakka. He says “Hey boys, this greenskin puke seems real handy with fire. Maybe we can put ‘im to use.”

So Dakka makes fires for humans. Humans called ‘sell swords,’ teach Dakka all about war and something new called ‘guns.’ Guns make big boom, spit fire. Dakka likes guns. Dakka happy.

Humans let Dakka burn many things: farms, villages, towns, cities, castles, bridges…once even whole forest! (killing all orcs in it – orcs stupid)

One day Dakka makes itsy, bitsy fire in human camp. Really, just tiny, tiny, tiny, tiny fire. But boom powder goes BOOOOOOOMMMMM!!!! Kills many humans. Kills Old Man! (Dakka sad)

Now humans VERY VERY angry, want to kill Dakka. Old Man not here to stop them killing Dakka. Dakka run. This time, Dakka run so far away, where nobody knows Dakka.

Dakka start all over now. Dakka be adventrier? Edventorar? Avendrier?…Dakka be murder-hobo!

PFBB Gunslinger – alternate version

March 7, 2012

This alternate version of the Gunslinger is not as radical a departure from the ‘standard’ version that I had originally thought it would be.  I only changed a few of the grit deeds:

  • Gunslinger Dodge now automatically dodges a successful ranged attack against the gunslinger.  The GS also has the option of moving up to 5 feet as part of the dodge.
  • Pistol Whip no longer costs 1 grit to use.  Rather, you can use it anytime so long as you have at least 1 unspent grit point.
  • Blast Lock is automatically successful for the expenditure of 1 grit point.  Magic locks require 2 grit points.
  • Scoot Object now automatically hits for the expenditure of 1 grit point.

That’s it.  Still, I wouldn’t use this version if you intend to transition your BB game to Pathfinder Core.

PFBB Gunslinger

March 6, 2012


Here’s the Gunslinger conversion for Pathfinder Beginner Box.  This was one of the more enjoyable conversions for me, maybe because I like guns in my games, even in D&D.

I’ve assumed early firearms and included stats for only three of them:  pistols, muskets and the blunderbuss.  Pathfinder doesn’t really differentiate between flintlocks, wheellocks and matchlocks, so they could be whatever you feel works best in your world (maybe they even use a (minor) magical ingition system).

I think tomorrow I’ll post a home-brew version of the Gunslinger, mainly tweaking the way a few of the grit deeds work.  Otherwise, it probably won’t be a significant departure from the ‘official’ Gunslinger.

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