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September 4, 2017

Idea for a new OSR campaign.

Long have you tread the rocky roads and dust-swept plains of the Mutant Wastes, seeking legendary Krom. Many a boon companion died before your very eyes, taken by banditry, exposure and predation. Your only shelter in the blasted wastes, the tumbled ruins of long forgotten ages. The Lost Temple of Zol, Karg Dunaeth, the Blood Pyramids, and so many more. Someday you will seek them out again, to claim their ancient treasures. But for now, at last, you have achieved your singular goal, to stand before the iron shod gates of Krom. The long journey was only your first tribulation, for under the halls of Castle Krom will you be forged into a great hero. Here will you find fortune and glory. Or here will you die, forlorn and forgotten. May the gods have mercy upon you, for Castle Krom knows none.

So, a bit of this…

chucking fistfuls of these…


so you can reave and slay your foes, like so…

at a scenic location, like this…


Fire and Ice Volcano.vsm

Castle Krom

using this as the campaign map (from the game Divine Right).


Castle Krom Campaign Map.png

Castle Krom right in the middle of things

So, the jist of it is, you roll d6’s equal to your character’s Hit Dice.  Each dice rolling equal to or greater than your foe’s Armor Class (3 to 6) scores a hit.  With a single roll of the dice you can slay many an enemy at once.  Players can easily roll for all of their followers and hirelings at the same time, as well, facilitating mass foe-reaving.  Characters can take a number of hits equal to their Hit Dice (PCs roll on a Death & Dismemberment table when reduced to 0 hits).  Steal wizards from Chainmail, throw in a thematic cleric and thief class, and away you go.



October 16, 2012

A desolate, lifeless world orbiting a dying sun, far removed from well-travelled space lanes and civilized space.  Tartarus was originally established, many centuries ago, as a cryogenic prison for Great Father, the progenitor-emperor of the long-dead Vampiric Empire.  Tartarus is maintained by the Warden.  No one is quite sure who or what the Warden is, but the Warden is single-minded in his/her/its obligation to watch over the slumbering Great Father.

After some time, many of the empires and star nations supporting Tartarus neglected their duties, or simply ceased to exist, so the Warden found it necessary to diversify the prison planet’s revenue sources, so to speak.  Tartarus has plenty of space, so some two centuries ago the Warden began accepting new prisoners, without question.

Now all manner of people are warehoused there: too dangerous to set free, and too valuable to kill.  Criminal syndicates, corrupt governments, jealous spouses…the Warden doesn’t care, so long as payment is made, usually in precious minerals or services rendered.  Some prisoners are kept in posh accommodations, others left to rot in spartan cells, and still others stored in permanent cryo-stasis.

Rumors abound that the Warden has also taken to safe-keeping client’s valuable objects, secured in impenetrable vaults deep below the planet’s surface.  It is known that from time-to-time foolhardy adventurers attempt to liberate prisoners or loot.  Whether many have been successful is not as well know, but a few must have managed it, or else why do the rumors persist?

What is also known is that the Warden doesn’t take well to such forays.  Bounty hunters, assassin androids, killbots…even other adventurers, have been dispatched by the Warden to retrieve stolen property and punish thieves and prison-breakers.  Crossing the Warden is dangerous business.

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