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Alien Scum: A new class for White Star

January 9, 2017

Artwork by Ariel Perez


The universe teems with life, but not all of it is noble or enlightened. All manner of unsavory aliens throng the crowded space ports and hive cities of the known worlds, displaced and exploited, eking out a living any way they can.  These are desperate, dangerous beings willing to do anything to make a credit, and they’ve developed an equally dangerous skill set as thieves, thugs, snitches…and worse.


New S&W Whitebox Class – The Space-Age Sorcerer

May 27, 2013

Just playing around with a new class idea for Swords & Wizardry Whitebox, inspired by Hereticwerks recent supplement, Space-Age Sorcery (which you’ll need to use this class; you may also want to pick up Gorgonmilk’s Dungeon Funk Table, as well).

Frank Frazetta's take on a space-age sorcerer?

Frank Frazetta’s take on a space-age sorcerer?

Rather than spending decades in study and training, the sorcerer is looking for a quick and easy path to power.  However, power never comes cheap; there’s always a price to pay and for the sorcerer it comes in the form of dire consequences.  The alien gods whispering in your head don’t necessarily have your best interests in mind.

The Space-Age Sorcerer

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