Pageful of Lead: Grimdark Edition


Another attempt at a one-page* wargame, loosely based on Warhammer 40K and inspired by Wiley Game’s Fistful of Lead: Bigger Battles.  First draft, completely untested.

Being a one-page set of rules, I’m assuming that players will be familiar with basic concepts of wargaming, such as how to lay out a good battlefield, properly measuring distances, establishing line-of-sight and the like.  Also, these rules assume that players are playing a casual game and not power-gaming to make the most broken units possible (though you can do that, so long as all players know what they’re getting into).

Pageful of Lead

*One page of paper assuming you print on both sides of the sheet.

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One Response to “Pageful of Lead: Grimdark Edition”

  1. Randy Andrews Says:

    Casual? Not power gaming? Pffft. Worthless rules.


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