Dungeon Tactics – A light one-page skirmish wargame


I’ve been on a wargaming kick of late.  I particularly like skirmish wargames, mainly because they’re easier and cheaper to get into and require less hobby work to prepare.  They play faster, too.

The wannabe game designer in me is still there, and has been chomping at the bit to design a skirmish game of my own.  After a few aborted attempts, I think I’ve come up with something decent.  And it’s inspired by the wannabe RPG designer in me, by way of one-page RPGs (ala Nicolas Dessaux’s Searchers of the Unknown).

The intent is to create an easy to play wargame requiring as little additional buy-in as possible.  Many gamers probably already have everything they need to start: dice, miniatures and some kind of 1-inch grid playing surface.  Tokens or glass beads are also handy.

Dungeon Tactics can be played using any miniatures in the 25-32mm range.  One could also use cardboard pawns (say from Pathfinder) or even the cardboard counters WotC put out for 4th edition DnD.

For the playing surface, both Wizards and Paizo sell affordable (well, affordable by wargming standards, at least) dungeon tiles which are still in print.  Or you could dig out your old HeroQuest board, or use tiles from another dungeon crawl game, or use your Space Hulk tiles, or a Chessex battlemat, or one of many different pre-printed maps.  Or go down to Staples and get an easel pad with a 1-inch grid on it and draw your own maps.

Next up I think is Advanced Dungeon Tactics, with rules for campaigns.  Plus, magic items, and maybe races and classes, as well.  The concept is readily expandable.  Cheers!


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