Starfinder RPG Interview

starfinderposter_360You’ve probably heard by now that Paizo is working on a science-fantasy version of Pathfinder they’re calling Starfinder.  It’s not out until August 2017, so I haven’t been paying too much attention to the game so far, not that there’s a lot information available just yet.

However, there was an interesting 6-page interview at gameinformer about Starfinder.  What caught my eye is that Paizo says they’re trying to streamline the rules.  Specifically mentioned in the interview are the lessons learned from Pathfinder Beginner Box!

Of course, at this point we have no idea just how much “streamlining” is happening, or what form it takes.  For all I know, Paizo’s idea of streamlining may actually make the game more crunchy and complex.  But for now I’m cautiously optimistic that Starfinder may be closer to Beginner Box than PF Core.

Of course, nothing says somebody can’t make a Starfinder Beginner Box.  Just sayin’….



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2 Responses to “Starfinder RPG Interview”

  1. tinhillpress Says:

    You know it’s funny, but this was sort of what I would like to talk to you about 🙂

  2. Kaihaku Says:

    I’m preparing to launch a Science Fantasy campaign myself sometime next year. The Starfinder launch has me debating if I should go with Pathfinder as planned or consider Starfinder as a more polished alternative. Pathfinder has a huge advantage in content, I can already incorporate plasma rifles and particle blades into my game, but if Starfinder does well at streamlining the rules that would be very enticing.

    It would be nice to know how backwards compatible it is (he noted monsters and at least some races, but wasn’t as clear on equipment and classes). I’d really like to know if it’s compatible with material like Complete Psionics (I have a feeling not) as I was planning to use that as the magic alternative in my setting. As long as that article was it just has me wanting to know more!

    Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t seen this elsewhere and would have missed out on some good information.

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