PFBB Expanded Deities

Kyra - Cleric

Here’s the Expanded Deities for the Pathfinder Beginner Box.  What I’ve done is take the four deities presented in the BB and add five additional ones, making 9 in all (and one deity for each alignment).

As much as possible I’ve tried to avoid duplicating abilities and spells.  Given the BB’s limited options, in some cases I had to cheat a bit with the holy weapons and bonus spells.

Technically the BB doesn’t allow PCs to be evilly aligned, so perhaps you can use the evil deities for NPCs, or change their alignments, or just ignore deity alignment altogether (as the BB seems to).

On a final note: GMs may want to use this document as a reference for creating their own deities, or allowing players to create their own deities.  Simply let your players pick two abilities they feel are appropriate for their deity (with GM approval, of course), and then a selection of appropriate bonus spells (one each of 1st, 2nd and 3rd level spells).

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions, etc.  Cheers.


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11 Responses to “PFBB Expanded Deities”

  1. Tiorn Says:

    Looking good. Just a few comments… but nothing that you really need to change…

    Gorum’s favored weapon according to the SRD is the greatsword. I don’t know why they felt the need to change that to the longsword in the PFBB. Probably just to keep things simple and keep the greatsword and other ‘great’ weapons out of it.

    I really like Pharasma. She’s the goddess of death (as far as the life-death-rebirth cycle goes). She and her followers view undead as an abomination that should be destroyed, which is not touched on in the PFBB.

    About the favored weapons, I don’t recall if the PFBB states that a cleric of a deity gains proficiency in the appropriate favored weapon, if they don’t already have it. But I’m pretty sure that’s clearly the case in the SRD.

    I have a couple of openoffice word files, converted to pdf, that I made to go with my PFBB campaign to cover the deities and domains…

    The first file lists the major deities of Golarion and also Greyhawk. Each entry is headed with the god’s name and includes an image of their holy symbol plus lines for alignment, portfolio, available domains, and favored weapons.

    The second file lists each of the domains that are available to any/all of the major Golarion and Greyhawk religions. There are also some other domains that were listed in the Complete Divine 3.5e book. I had left out the domain spells since the PFBB did, so those are not included on the pdf version. My openoffice original probably still has all of those spells though. Quite a few domains have additional powers that are available at later levels. Some are available at 4th-level, but others weren’t available until 6th-level, so I omitted them.

    • EdOWar Says:

      The PFBB does grant proficiency with a deity’s holy weapon. The four deities that come in the BB all have martial weapons as holy weapons. So I decided to give each deity a martial holy weapon just to help balance them out.

      • Tiorn Says:

        I just looked it up in the PFBB’s Hero’s Handbook. The only items missing from the deity descriptions in it are alignment and the domain spells. You covered both of those in your expansion.

        I’m surprised they left out alignment. Clerics have to be within one step of their deity’s alignment, correct? The alignment of other followers can vary quite a bit more than that. Also, for the cleric, if a deity allows alignment domains (chaos, law, good, evil) then the cleric must also be of that alignment to be able to use it. A neutral (on the chaos/law axis) cleric can’t use either chaos or law domains.

      • EdOWar Says:

        Yes, a cleric must be within one alignment step of their deity. But I think the BB is deemphasizing stuff like that to help simplify character creation a little.

  2. Tiorn Says:

    Anyhow, if Paizo gives you any grief, I think the template to build deities on is pretty simple. Like I said above:

    Deity Name
    Holy Symbol
    Portfolio (or a short description)
    Available Domains
    Favored Weapon

    Deity domains should always include the alignment, as far as I’m concerned. If a CG deity exists, then the Chaos and Good domains should be available, among others. Neutral deities get shafted on this a bit, but other domains related to the portfolio can easily make up for it.

    To me, separating the domain powers and spells from deity entries seems like the best route to me. It makes it really easy to build new gods. My Golarion/Greyhawk deity pdf file is just two pages with the format that I chose. While the domain list pdf is four pages without the spells. Clerics would only get domain spells at 1st, 3rd, and 5th levels, so that could add four lines (including a blank space) per domain entry. That could mount up to a pretty sizable file, honestly. :/

    • EdOWar Says:

      If Paizo gives me any grief about it, I think what I’d do is just list out domains with their attendant special ability. Let players and GM’s decide which domains go with which deities, as they see fit. It would also make it a more useful tool for world building, for those GMs who want to invent their own pantheons. In fact, if I’d thought of it earlier, that’s probably what I would have done instead of using actual Golarion deities.

      • Tiorn Says:

        I honestly think it is probably the best way to go. The domains are pretty much set in stone… they won’t change no matter what the pantheon looks like. Its the pantheon that is the wildcard and that’s pretty simple to template for when the bulk of the game mechanics are separate in the domains.

        The ‘template’ I used in my file is pretty simple and it could actually be improved a little. I did include an image of the holy symbol that I inserted to the left in the info area, with the other text aligned to the right of the image. I resized the image to be about the same height as the text would be.

        The layout is something like:

        (image) Alignment: NG
        Portfolio: Goddess of the sun, redemption, honesty, healing
        Domains: Fire, Glory, Good, Healing, Sun
        Favored Weapon: Scimitar

      • Tiorn Says:

        Can I drop an image file into the comments? Its not at an url. I was just wondering if I could crop a screen capture of what I’ve done and post it here for you to see.

      • Tiorn Says:

        Nope. It won’t work. I’d have to use an url to host it. 😦

  3. David Jenks Says:

    I, as always, really like what you’ve done. You have a gift for making the BB shine, Ed.

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