Expanded Schools of Wizardry for PF Beginner Box

695_maxIf you’ve noticed, the PFBB doesn’t really go into schools of magic much, other than a handful of schools for the wizard.  But it doesn’t really classify each spell by its corresponding school the way the Core rules do.  So, that got me thinking a bit on a way to expand wizard schools of magic.

So, each of the core wizard schools are represented.  Also, each school grants a bonus spell for each spell level (instead of just a bonus 1st level spell, per the PFBB).  And since the BB doesn’t specifically list each spell’s school of magic, I set it up so that the player can simply pick six spells of their choice (two each from 1st, 2nd and 3rd level spells) to be the restricted spells they cannot prepare or cast.

Here it is:  PFBB Schools of Wizardry (PDF)

Sometime in the coming week, I’ll probably do a similar document expanding the deities for clerics.



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15 Responses to “Expanded Schools of Wizardry for PF Beginner Box”

  1. David Jenks Says:


    This is great.

    VERY much looking forward to the cleric treatment, too, as I’m not fond of the three gods they offer in the BB.

    I wish all your expanded material could be coded into HeroLab’s free BB product.

    • EdOWar Says:

      Thank you! I’m looking forward to expanding the gods as well. It’ll be helpful for whenever I get the Long Winter campaign off the ground (if I ever do).

      I thought you could enter custom data into Hero Lab. Or is that only for the paid version?

  2. The Bane Says:

    Second time trying to comment: Really great stuff! Thanks for sharing it. Have you, or will you, ever be doing a post on how you would do zero level characters?

    The Bane

    • EdOWar Says:

      Interesting question. I’ve never considered doing 0 level characters for the PFBB before.

      I suppose you could do it somewhat the way Dungeon Crawl Classics handles it: roll up ability skills, apply modifiers, roll 1d4 (or maybe 1d6) for hit points (plus CON), and then maybe roll on a random background chart to assign one trained skill to the character. Background would also determine starting weapon and equipment (there wouldn’t be much).

  3. Tiorn Says:

    Nice! I had looked at this myself months ago and pretty much concluded to go ahead and add in the school descriptor to the spell descriptions… and then list the opposition school options in the description for each school. But whatever works!

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the OGL restrict using the deities from the PF campaign world? d20pfsrd.com had all of the Golarion gods and their domains listed at one time, but they removed all of the gods (except 3rd party).

    A template for individual deities might be a good thing to add into your work, so others have a guide to create their own easily in a simple format. Also, maybe a short list of suggested deity types, what and who they represent, and common domains associated with them, etc.

    Not trying to stop you from expanding the PFBB pantheon. Far from it. I’m disappointed with how Paizo minimized that as well. Just thought you should have a plan B in place in case their legal team pokes you over it.

    • EdOWar Says:

      I’ll have to check into that then. At worst, I can create generic versions, like “God of Love”, “God of War & Strength”, etc. We’ll see how it goes.

      • Tiorn Says:

        Its probably OK since they used the few Golarion gods in the BB in the first place. But there were only 4 of them, counting the add-on download. Better safe than sorry though.

      • Tiorn Says:

        BTW, Ed… someone did put up a PFBB ‘srd’-type site. It only has Paizo published information on it though.


      • EdOWar Says:

        I see PFBeginner does include the gods by name. d20pfsrd, on the other hand, did not appear to include the names of gods.

        Well, guess I’ll just do it, and if someone from Paizo complains then I’ll just change them to generic deities.


  4. Islayre Says:

    Hi ! First things first, excuse my bad english : i’m french ^^
    I’m really into the PBB right now and your blog is the best on the web about it (great job !)
    I want to to use it for a E6 “old school” campaign (processing the 6 level for core classes was really easy, using the Pathfinder SRD and it doesn’t complicate the 5 PBB classes at all).
    I want to keep the rules as “by the book” as possible, but there is a few things bothering me and i need your opinion about it :
    – Right now Gorum seems a REALLY bad choice of deity for cleric players (the two faith powers it gives are really weak). Do you have any advice to help me buff him a little bit ?
    – I think it’s bad game design choice to use Valeros as the core iconic fighter with no actual rules for dual wielding. Can we just “plug” the SRD rules and feats for dual fighting into PBB in your opinion ?

    Thanks man, keep up the good work !

    • Tiorn Says:

      PFBB tries to keep it simple as best as possible, but that eliminates the options that are available. I say… go ahead and expand those options (based on the SRD)!

      Gorum allows the following…
      Domains: Chaos, Destruction, Glory, Strength, and War.
      Sub-domains: Blood, Ferocity, Protean, Rage, Resolve, and Tactics.

      Others can be found here: http://www.pathfinderwiki.com/wiki/Deities_Quick_Reference

      You can ignore the sub-domains if you wish. The original 5 domain options for Gorum should be more than enough, but you might not agree. You have to keep in mind, too, that they dumbed down some of the descriptions in the book. For instance, the pre-gen cleric of Sarenrae only shows evidence of one domain power applied, instead of two. I don’t recall offhand if the Sarenrae description in the PFBB was lacking as well, but something was definitely missing from the pre-gen.

      As far as other uses of the SRD, I say: go for it! I started out a PFBB campaign awhile back and it was great for some players who liked to keep it simple. But I had other players who wanted more options available to them. I just told them to use the PFBB classes (most by Ed) and those books as a game table reference. They were free to go to the d20pfsrd site all they wanted.

      Whatever works for you and your players! Just be consistent with it.

    • EdOWar Says:

      Thanks for commenting Islayre. I think Tiorn covers things pretty well…use the Beginner Box as a base, and then add what you want from the SRD (www.d20pfsrd.com).

      For what it’s worth, my Ranger class conversion includes fairly simple rules for two-weapon fighting. If the fighter wields a light melee weapon in their off-hand, they get a second attack each round. However, both attacks each round have are -2 to-hit. You may want to make the PC take a “Two-weapon Fighting” feat to do this.

      I’m working on a expanded version of deities for the Beginner Box, which will include free domain spells. This may make Gorum a more attractive choice for your players. But if not, then do what Tiorn suggests, and look at Gorum’s other domains to find replacement abilities.


  5. Islayre Says:

    Thank you very much Tiorn & Edo !

    For two weapon fighting i came up with this (based on your work on the ranger) :

    Two-Weapon Fighting
    Prerequisite: Dexterity 15
    You may wield a light melee weapon (i.e. a dagger, light hammer, light mace, short sword, starknife or throwing axe) in your off-hand, giving you a second melee attack each combat round; this is considered a standard + move action. Apply a -2 penalty to each attack roll. Add only 1/2 times your STR mod to the damage roll when you hit with your off-hand weapon.

    I will use your advices and keep commenting on the blog regularly 🙂


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