PFBB Bestiary – VAMPIRES!!!


I thought I’d ring out the old year with some monsters…vampires, in point of fact.  I based the master vampire off of a level 5 wizard (evoker), applying the vampire template.  I’ve also BB-ified things quite a bit, so please forgive me if they aren’t exactly like PF core vampires.

Still, these BB versions of vampires are quite nasty, especially with their energy drain and dominate attacks.  A standard BB party, unprepared for vampires, could easily face a TPK.

Cheers, and Happy New Years!


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3 Responses to “PFBB Bestiary – VAMPIRES!!!”

  1. The Bane Says:

    Truly wicked enemies. *silent golfer clap* Thanks for sharing!

  2. Tiorn Says:

    Nice! I can just see up to 5 rounds of melee attacks with Haste and the Energy Drain. Haste allowing a 2nd attack per round and lasting a round per caster level. OUCH! LOL!

    Its a challenge that probably only 5th level characters should dare to take on. 😀

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