LWC – The Collegium Lacunae


Tucked deep in the bowels of the Grimhau lies the most complete post-Cataclysmic library, belonging to the enigmatic Collegium Lacunae.  The Collegium is a collective of sages, scholars, priests and, primarily, wizards, dedicated to the preservation of knowledge, and the reversal of the Cataclysm.  In particular they prize magical knowledge, especially magical knowledge relating to the Cataclysm.  They are well known to pay in gold for any tome or manuscript, regardless of condition or subject matter.


The Collegium itself comprises about a dozen members, half of whom are in residence at the Grimhau at any time.  The Collegium’s master is rumored to be an ancient elf, one who was old even when the colorless fire rained down upon the hapless Empire.  But the master has never been seen in public.  Indeed, only a few of the Collegium’s elite cadre have ever met the Master.

Don't let appearances fool you; these chains are enchanted.

Don’t let appearances fool you; these chains are enchanted.

Despite its secure location, and the additional protection of resolute dwarvish guards hired directly from the Grimhau itself, the Collegium’s library employs two additional safeguards: chains and curses.  All of the library’s hundreds of books are chained to walls and shelves.  The most valuable (and dangerous) of these tomes are chained in a secure vault, enchanted with various wards and curses.  Visitors must possess impeccable credentials to enter the library, and even then a hefty gold deposit is required, with guards in constant attendance.

Some members of the Collegium travel the Riverlands, tracking down leads to forgotten texts.  There are always at least two members, attended by servants and a formidable body of dwarvish guards.  They are known for carrying gold and silver with them, for the acquisition of books and the occasional magic item.  But make no mistake, attacking a Collegium expedition is no light undertaking.

The Collegium has been known to hire adventurers for more dangerous tasks (or, sometimes, require such services from adventurers requesting admittance to their library).  They are happy to perform minor favors for those who serve them well, including magical healing, the identification of magic items, and providing answers to obscure questions.


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6 Responses to “LWC – The Collegium Lacunae”

  1. Meanwun Says:

    I’ve toyed with the idea of doing a 3e post apocalyptic world. The PCs start with just the core book and through exploration find the other books classes/feats through exploration. It’s really a ploy to play 3e and have all of the books options appear in order of release.

    • EdOWar Says:

      That’s an interesting away to approach it, especially if you’re introducing new players to 3E. You can gradually add books at a manageable rate, instead of a massive info dump on your players all at once.

      • Meanwun Says:

        It’s mostly to justify my hoarding and I’ve been thinking about doing a “worst of d20” blog. I’d need to reacquaint myself with 3e to do it and like you said slow down the info dump and experience 3e as people would have when it first came out.

        I thought it may be an idea you could use later in your campaign.

      • EdOWar Says:

        I had considered doing something like that for the campaign, but I really don’t like running Pathfinder core rules. Just way too much crunch for my tastes. Beginner Box is about as much crunch as I can tolerate as a GM.

  2. Meanwun Says:

    I’m sorry, I didn’t fully say what I meant. Your PFBB supplements could be discovered. BTW I appreciate those greatly.

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