PFBB Bestiary – Giants!


Here’s another Pathfinder Beginner Box monster conversion for you on this all hallows eve…giants!

Actually, I wanted to do vampires for Halloween, but they just have too much going on to fit in the standard Beginner Box monster format (that, and vampires may be just a little too deadly for BB characters to handle).  So, you got giants instead. 🙂

I took some liberty with their Rock Catching ability, but I couldn’t really see it coming in to play very often, so I don’t think it’ll matter much.  Have fun smashing puny humans!

Edit:  I just realized that I forgot to add the giant’s long reach abilities.  DOH!  I’ve attached a corrected version.  Sorry about that.


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7 Responses to “PFBB Bestiary – Giants!”

  1. Tiorn Says:

    A vampire could work, but it would have to be pretty much the bare minimum. The CR value of a creature with base 5 HD… +2 to the CR value for the template. What… the first HD is roughly CR 1/2. So, a 5th level character (having 5 HD, of course) would be a CR 4 creature, right? So, adding the vampire template would make it a CR 6 creature. The biggest problem is that PCs would have to use magic or silver weapons to get around the damage reduction (10). (The entry says: DR 10/magic and silver… I’ve been skimming and I’m not finding anything that says it must be both, just one or the other.) You definitely couldn’t go much higher than CR 6 for a vampire. In fact, you could probably limit it to only CR 6 for vampires, since no character should be above 5th level anyhow.

    Anything lower in HD would automatically be turned into a Vampire Spawn (CR 4).

    Like the giants though! However, you’ve probably reached the DC limit with them already. Adding Fire and Frost Giants would be a stretch.

    Table 12:1 from the Pathfinder core rule book says that the Challenge Rating for an Epic difficulty encounter for a party’s level is APL+3 (APL=Average Party Level). I don’t factor in the number of party members in on this. So, if the average party level of a group is 5th level, then the Epic difficulty level is APL + 3 = 5 + 3 = 8 CR maximum that the party can face. I feel comfortable choosing a CR 8 creature as a solo in that case, but no more.

    I factor in the number of party members in another step… to calculate what my XP budget will be. So, if its a very large party, then a large budget might actually allow for two creatures at the maximum (doubt it though).

    Maybe I’m looking at this wrong, but that’s how I built the encounters for my last campaign. But the way I see it, how I’m doing it keeps the party from facing anything that the party can’t handle, because its not expected to have the ability or proper equipment (magical, usually) to succeed. They can definitely still lose though.

    • EdOWar Says:

      When I do monster conversions, my threshold is the Black Dragon, which is CR 8. Stone Giants are CR 8, so I figured they’re tough, but beatable.

      Vampires in the Bestiary are CR 9. As written, a large party of well prepared level 5 PFBB characters could probably beat it, though there would likely be some deaths. It would be a very difficult encounter, I think.

      I’ll look at your idea of basing a vampire on a level 5 character and then applying the template, to get somewhere around CR 6 or 7. And maybe excise a few of the extra abilities so it’ll all fit into the standard PFBB monster format.

      • Tiorn Says:

        Yes, the default Vampire given in the Bestiary is built using an 8th level Sorcerer as the base creature. Clearly, that’s an 8 HD base creature, which is well above the requirements of the template. Unless I missed another requirement for the base creature… and if that is the case, the text for the template was structured very poorly. The prerequisites should be (and certainly are) all together in the text.

        I read through the encounter building text in both the core rule book and the Gamemastery Guide. Its slightly disappointing in that it only defines 6+ party members as being APL+1 (I think it should increase more for having, say, 8 or 10 party members and on up). But I guess that is an additional built-in protection to keep from using overpowered creatures against them… meaning that APL+4 as an encounter level (max of 5+4=9 CR in PFBB limits) would be fairly safe. So, to me, going to CR 8 is a given and CR 9 could be possible as well. In no way should a 5th-level party face more than that. Besides, I’d probably only use the CR 9’s XP total for an encounter budget anyhow and use several creatures instead.

      • Tiorn Says:

        Ed, just did a bit more research and came up with what would probably be a very good solution for a PFBB vampire. Take a 5th-level Aristocrat (or whatever other NPC class) which is CR 3. Adding the vampire template makes its a CR 5 creature. With the NPC classes, there isn’t much to add from the base class. Commoner or Warrior would be just as good (maybe even better). Wouldn’t recommend the Expert at all (wide open on the skills). Definitely not the Adept either (daily spells, familiar, etc), but could be an interesting choice.

      • EdOWar Says:

        Thank you, I’ll look into using an NPC class for a vampire conversion. I was also thinking about using Wizard for the conversion. I bit more complex, but also somewhat thematic.

  2. David Jenks Says:

    Giants in the PFBB–?!?

    Awesome. You, as always, continue to rock, Ed.

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