Heads-up: White Star RPG

White Star OBS Template 6x9 132 Pages CaseboundJust wanted to give a quick heads-up about a new Swords & Wizardry Whitebox compatible game coming out tomorrow, called White Star.  As you might guess, it’s a sci-fi toolbox using the Whitebox rules set.

Tenkar’s Tavern has a quick preview of the first 56 pages.  It appears White Star will have a generic Star Warsy vibe to it, but if you don’t want to mix space-mysticism with your starships and laser swords, it ought to be easy enough to cut that material out and put in the sci-fi stuff you do want.

As for me, since it’s fully compatible with Whitebox, I’m thinking of combining certain elements of both games.  I’m not sure I’d want space elves and space orks, but certain D&D monsters have a space-alien vibe to them.  Things like Grell, Beholders and Mindflayers could be interesting additions to the game.

At any rate, I’ll be picking up the PDF tomorrow and I’ll post my thoughts on the game in a few days, after I’ve had a chance to look it over.  Cheers.

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