Example Mini-dungeon Map

Following is an example of how I envision doing the “mini-dungeons” in the Metro mega-dungeon.  I’d use the one-page dungeon format for each node in the mega-dungeon, and keep each mini-dungeon to a dozen rooms or less.  That’s about enough territory for one game session, maybe two.


As you can see, each mini-dungeon includes a brief history of the dungeon, a wandering monster table and encounter keys.  There’s enough room leftover to cover any special encounters or rules for the area.

I’ll probably end up tweaking the one-page dungeon format a bit to suit my own purposes, but I’m happy with how the concept turned out.

Btw, incase you’re wondering, I used GridMapper to make the map.  It’s a dead simple little program to use, but that simplicity does have some drawbacks.  The biggest drawback is you can’t key the map; I had to copy the map to Paint to enter the numbered keys.  GridMapper also lacks icons for most dungeon features (such as pit traps), and it cannot draw diagonal lines.


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