Z Nation – The re-review

Okay, I don’t normally re-review things I’ve already reviewed, but I have to say that Z Nation is really shaping up to be a fun zombie show (here’s my earlier review, in case you’re interested).  Note that the emphasis is on fun, not gut-wrenching horror and drama.

Z Nation is a little corny, a little campy, a little silly and a whole log of grindhouse.  Things like Z-nados (with gratuitous reference to the Sharknado movies, of course), or the Liberty Bell crushing a bunch of zombies, or a zombie scrunched up into the wheel-base of a Deuce-and-a-half Army truck (still alive and clawing for brains, natch), or the “savior” of humanity who’s slowly transforming into a zombie-human hybrid thing.

Yeah, it’s not all fun-and-games.  There’s a fair amount of guts and gore (lots of zombie headshots…with guns, not cameras), and a little tragedy too (though not to the level of the Walking Dead).  Walking Dead is a fine show, but man it can be really depressing at times.  Z Nation is just fun to watch all of the time.

And it’s great fodder for your next zombie apocalypse survival RPG game. 😉  If you like zombies and you haven’t checked Z Nation out yet, you owe it to yourself to at least give it a try.  Cheers.



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