Outdoor Survival Map

I’ve (re)created a version of the old school Outdoor Survival map using Hexographer.  Here’s a .png version:


And here’s the Hexographer file, for those who have the program and want to play around with the map: outdoorsurvivalmap (not sure if this file works with the free version of Hexographer).

The crossed swords can represent special encounters, monster lairs or mini-dungeons.

My intention is to modify the basic Outdoor Survival map for different settings/genres, but I wanted to have a ‘pure’ version of the map to work off of.

Also, please note the map is not perfect.  My counting was off and the last column of hexes is missing on the eastern-most edge of the map.  From what I can tell, Hexographer doesn’t have a way to add rows or columns to an existing map, and I didn’t feel like starting over from scratch for a single column.  I can live with it; I hope you can, too.



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