36 low-level monsters for 5th Edition

Hey guys, sorry for the spate of 5th Edition posts, but the release has given me something to talk about, so I’m going to roll with it for a little while. 🙂

So, WotC has released a pdf of an adventure, Legacy of the Crystal Shard, which contains stat blocks for 36 low-level monsters you can use with the new 5th Edition “basic” rules, if you’re so inclined.  You can get it here.

My impression is that most of these stat blocks clock around the same size as PFBB stat blocks, though the 5th Edition ones contain no monster fluff, just combat statistics.  This disappoints me a bit, as I’d hope that Wizards would trim down the stat blocks along with the rules, but this is apparently not to be.  And while there’s XP information for the monsters, there’s still no encounter building guidance, though reading the adventure should give you some idea.

Speaking of which, I didn’t bother reading the adventure, so no comment there.

Anyways, if you’re inclined to start running 5th Edition, you now have a few monsters to work with.  Cheers.


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One Response to “36 low-level monsters for 5th Edition”

  1. JSpace Says:

    Seems appropriate to mention this here. If you have the new D&D Starter Set and would like to make it a little more like the TSR basic sets of the past, instead of expanding the set with WotC’s new Basic D&D pdf, you could try Chris Gonnerman’s Basic Fantasy RPG (it’s also free).

    It doesn’t match up perfectly (unarmored is AC 11 instead of 10 for example), but it’s pretty darn close. The young green dragon in the adventure book of the Starter Set could be an age category of 3 in Basic Fantasy for example. You could even roll a d4 to determine a creatures ability modifer if needed (no ability scores for monsters in BF, thank God).

    In fact you could use most everything but the overpowered spells and monsters from the Starter Set (you may need the new Basic pdf just for the complete proficiency bonus progression), ignore the pregens, take the bulk of the classes, spells, magic items and monsters from Basic Fantasy and you could run the Starter’s Lost Mine adventure in a slightly more “old school” manner without much work. The variety of B/X-style wandering monster tables and dungeon creation info in BF is just icing on the cake.

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