More Gamma World – Against the Moon Nazis!

We got together for another session of D&D Gamma World yesterday.  We had two new characters this session: John/Redshirt (Doppleganger/Nightmare) and Miku (Speedster/Hypercognitive).  Hooch, loca fungal-encrusted cockroach bartender, turns the gang onto a rumor that some Radioactivists have taken over a nearby salvage operations center, and they probably have some good tech to scavenge.  The gang arrives, murders a bunch of Sleeth and Hoops (and their junkbot minions), interrupting a meet between the hapless Radioactivists and some sinister Moon Nazis.


Salvage Operations center

The Nazis acquire some kind of case from the Radioactivists (in exchange for a few barrels of radioactive waste) and try to make a quick get away in their giant drill machine.  Our boys, however, sensing great loot in the case, do their best to stop them.  After a fierce fight, resulting in the deaths of many Nazis, including their officer, our mutant gang succumbs to their wounds and is captured.

The unconscious PCs are brought aboard the Nazi’s drill machine and bound up, their equipment confiscated.  However, one of the mutants uses a recently acquired alpha mutation to slip out of time and reappear a few seconds later next to their guards, free of his bonds.  John summons his doppleganger, Redshirt, to similarly fight the Nazis.  Their guards defeated, John again makes clever use of Redshirt to acquire the case from the Nazis and make off in haste, escaping the drill machine before it departs the salvage center.  Opening the case, they discover a 3.5″ floppy disk containing a single text file of a long string of numbers…an encryption key of some sort.

Attack of the Moon Nazis!

They return to Paradise Junction, mentioning the Moon Nazis to Hooch, who almost immediately takes off to “run an errand.”  Next day, Hooch asks the group to make a trip to the Warden’s main base to deliver a mysterious note to another bartender there named Gus.  They’re joined by young Miku (think The Feral Kid from Road Warrior, complete with metal boomerang, with mutant powers as well).  The trip is uneventful, but as they arrive at the Warden’s, they see a small group of Moon Nazis arriving right behind them.

The group makes a bee-line for Gus, delivering the note just as the Moon Nazis show up and start interrogating Gus about the computer disk.  Gus feigns ignorance while John pops a smoke grenade; in the confusion, Miku sneaks out and ties some wire around the Nazi officer’s boots, causing him to trip.  All Hell breaks loose: the Nazi goons open up with their MP-40s, spraying lead everywhere, the officer (using an encounter power) orders the goons to fight to the death while he takes off, yelling for Warden guards.  The Moon Nazis are gunned down in the halls, but not before attracting the attention of the Wardens.  Gus hides the group in the air ducts, allowing them to escape the Warden’s complex.

They decide, however, to do a frame up between the Wardens and the Moon Nazis, hopefully getting the two factions to fight a war against one another.  John/Redshirt uses a captured helmet to pose as a Moon Nazi and bluff his way back into the Warden complex.  He sets a leaky fusion rifle to overload, and in the confusion of the explosion, plants the helmet and a luger in the Warden’s base.  They beat feet, returning to Paradise Junction, enlisting the aid of Hooch to spread word to the Moon Nazis that the Wardens are killing Nazis and taking souvenirs.  And that’s where we ended.

So, we’ll probably play one more time next week.  I think it’s time for a Moon Nazi invasion of Paradise Junction…


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