My “OSR Superstar” Entries

The “OSR Superstar” winners are in the process of being announced over at Tenkar’s Tavern, so I figure it’s probably okay to go ahead and post my two entries now.   Enjoy.


Porcine Porcelain

This magic item appears to be a large porcelain piggy bank, though no coin slot is apparent. The owner of the pig may place it upon the ground and, once per day, activate it by emitting a loud squeal. When activated, the pig animates and runs about for one turn, traversing up to 40 feet per round. The owner controls the pig’s movement by pointing at a desired destination point, to which the animated pig runs as directly as physically possible; the pig possesses no special means of movement (such as flight or spider-climbing).   Should the porcelain pig be destroyed (or otherwise lost) by a trap, it reappears at the owner’s feet at the first stroke of midnight.


Cast Iron Pig

This small cast iron pig is obviously hollow, sporting a large coin slot on its back. Amazingly, the coin slot accepts currency of any size; regardless of the number of coins deposited the bank never fills. The pig has considerable heft, jingling with the sound of numerous coins. No doubt the possessor will be tempted extract the loot within, but this bank cannot be broken by any conventional means. If the pig is left in container or room with loose coins, it will gradually consume them at the rate of 1d10x10 coins per day, starting with the most valuable. Should some unconventional means be found to break the pig open the owner is left only with chunks of iron; the coins within are forever lost.


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