Post-Nuclear Reno: Conclusion

I’m feeling a bit under the weather, so I’m just going to summarize the session as quickly as I can:

The party packs up their vehicles and leaves the D-6 bunkerplex, following the escaped ZOD-bot to Patriot City.  Patriot City, it turns out, is a completely enclosed and domed slice of 2050’s Americana.  As the group is driving around in military vehicles and wearing salvaged BDUs, the inhabitants mistake them for soldiers returning from the far-flung fronts of the war.  Apparently, they don’t realize the war ended a hundred years.  They’ve even been sending off their sons and daughters to fight for generations.

domedcityThe party discovers a ramp and massive steel bunker doors in the middle of the city.  They use their military vehicles to gain entrance easily enough, but immediately encounter ZOD 1.99, and early version of the ZOD A.I. software.  ZOD 2.0 entered the Patriot City a couple of days before and proceeded directly down to the bottom level where it deactivated all sensors.  ZOD 1.99 employs the party to find out what the malevolent ZOD-bot is doing and stop it.  In exchange, it’ll give the group the location of Area 52 and open all the group’s Power Armor pods.

ZOD 1.99 explains that the 2.0’s were always a bit twitchy, their patriotism parameters set way too high, to the point where even being a few minutes late to work, or getting sick, would be construed as treason, leading to immediate execution.  By the time anyone realized what’d happened with the 2.0’s, it was basically too late to do anything about it.

After a quick retrofit, equipping Helperbot 5000 with some anti-gravity packs, they proceed to the bottom level of the base, where they find ZOD 2.0 trying to overload the reactor and destroy Patriot City (for treason, of course).  An epic battle ensues, wherein the party gets to play with all their fancy new toys (like lazguns, plazguns, gaz guns, power armor and so on).  They stop ZOD 2.0 and it’s massive combat robot guardian and save Patriot City.

They discover that Area 52 is actually on a different planet.  Patriot City was a special project designed to ship the best candidates off to colonize an alien world, free of war and Communism.  Patriot City’s children hadn’t been sent off to fight in the war; they’d been sent off to colonize New America.

Of the group, only “Jim” and co-dependent Prof. Dink decide to travel through the worm-gate to New America.  Upon their arrival, they find that it is a blasted wasteland.  Apparently, New America hadn’t escaped warfare after all.  And then the mutant hordes attack them.  Nothing else is known of their fate.

Dr. Gaz recruited a small army of patriots, marched south to The Vegas, recruited a few more troops, and then launched the liberation of California.  Being as there hadn’t been any organized Communist resistance in California for decades, they had a pretty easy go of it.  Eventually Gaz was assassinated by one of his lieutenants, reasons unknown.

Ransom Stahl made the long trek to Alaska, seeking out a place free of Communism and radiation.  He found Alaska to be a relatively green and verdant place.  He built a log cabin/bunker in the wilderness, hung out with mutant bears, but was eventually discovered by a roving pack of the mutated remnants of the Communist invaders, who trapped him, killed him and ate him.

Of the entire group, Helperbot 5000 had the greatest success.  The free robot returned to the D-6 Bunkerplex and used its resources to create a moderately successful robot empire, conquering most of Northern Nevada and eventually eradicating the carbon-based menace at nearby Patriot City.


At the end of the game I had each player roll the Die of Fate to determine their character’s post-game epilogue.  Most of them rolled under 4, meaning a generally bad fate (“Jim’s” player rolled a 1!).  Helperbot’s player was the only one to roll above a 4.

I’m glad I got the chance to try out the World of Dungeons/World of Mutants mechanics, but I think we hit up against the system’s limitations fairly quickly.  And I probably should have just ended the campaign after they got to the Bunkerplex, because after that they wanted for nothing.  My players were fairly positive about the use of props, like plastic bullets for their ammo, salvage cards for their loot, and, of course, the awesome map of Reno.  I’d like to use props again someday, though using a different game system.

So, if you’ve made it this far, thanks very much for reading about my player’s post-apocalyptic (mis)adventures.  I hope you found them enjoyable.  Cheers.


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