Dwarven Forge Caverns Kickstarter

Dwarven Forge has launched another Kickstarter project, this time for a cavern tileset.  As before, the tiles will be made from ‘Dwarvenite,’ a relatively light weight and durable plastic material.  I’m very pleased with the dungeon tileset I backed last year, so I’m already backing this project to the tune of nearly $300.  Probably more than I should spend, but I figure it’s cheaper in the long run to get them through the Kickstarter than to buy them after the fact.  Or that’s what I tell myself, anyways.


The project started just a few hours ago and it’s already hit nearly $500,000! (edit:  in the time it took me to write this post, it went up nearly $10K).

Here’s the link for anyone who’s interested: Dwarven Forge Caverns Kickstarter


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