47 Ronin

47roninSo, I just saw the new 47 Ronin movie.  Overall, it’s an okay action movie.  The love story is not particularly inspiring and, really, I have no idea why Keanu Reeves is in this flick.  I guess an executive somewhere decided it needed some ‘star power’ to carry the movie in the West.  Most of the Japanese actors spoke with bad English accents, which really stood out when sharing lines with Mr. Reeves.

That’s why I think a straight-up historical treatment of the 47 ronin would have been a more interesting movie than this supernatural 3-D FX fest.  Then they could have filmed it entirely in Japanese with English subtitles.  But I guess they wouldn’t have had much excuse to make the movie in 3-D then.

If you’re curious, or a big fan of Keanu, save some money and go see the matinee.  But if you can wait, then wait for it to come out on Netflix, Redbox or cable.


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