Mk I Infiltrator

The Mark I was the first of the Infiltrator series robots introduced during the Long War.  Standing 1.7 meters tall and weighing approximately 350 pounds, composed of a humanoid form-factor.  The Mark I used an early model holo-projector to conceal its form and infiltrate secure facilities.  As it possesses no bio-signature at all, the robot was only mildly successful in its infiltration role, especially against the wide-spread deployment of biometric and, later, psychometric security systems.  The ultimate development of genetically engineered psionic soldiers all but doomed the Mark I to obsolescence, as even a passive psi-scan could easily determine the “person” the Infiltrator was mimicking wasn’t even alive.  As it was a simple matter to reprogram the holo-projectors to pose as scenery (boulders, wrecked vehicles, etc.), all remaining models were repurposed as hunter-killer drones, wandering battlefields in search of specific targets.


The Mark I is equipped with retractable titanium-alloy blades, one on each limb.  It also has fully articulated hands capable of using any hand-held device or weapon.  It is programmed with the proper use and maintenance of every melee weapon, small arm and heavy weapon ever produced (literally ever – at least up to the early stages of the War).  The Mark I also has a sophisticated vocal synthesizer capable of mimicking any human voice, as well as a wide range of ambient sounds.  Advanced optics give it digital magnification, thermal recognition and low-light perception.  The holo-projector creates a consistent field just concealing the skeletal frame, following the robot’s movements fluidly in real-time; software upgrades allow the holo-field to expand over a wider area, though in wide-area mode the projector cannot adequately compensate for movement.  The projector scans and then mimics a nearby object; thus, if you see two pieces of exactly identical debris together, there’s a good chance one of them might be a holo-field projection.

The Mark II adopted a number of biological features that enabled it to defeat most biometric security systems at the time, but could still be easily detected by psi-scans.  The Mark III incorporated an artificial “psi-projector” device, which broadcast electromagnetic energy on the same wavelengths as human brainwaves.  Though the Mark III possessed a psionic signature, it proved impossible to mimic a specific individual’s brainwave pattern, so to a psi-scan the Mark III appears to be broadcasting psychic static…again, a dead giveaway.  The Mark IV never progressed beyond early prototypes; by this stage in the War each side had turned to replicant technology to fulfill the infiltration role.


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