A-Z: What’s Infesting these Ruins?

No ruins are complete without something nasty dwelling within, just waiting for the chance to eat unwary wastelanders.


What’s Infesting these Ruins? (roll 1d30)

  1. Arachnomorphs – Giant mutant bugs (spiders, ants, scorpions, etc.); their hive probably extends deep below ground
  2. Bandits – A desperate gang of bandits; poorly armed
  3. Cannibals – Why eat canned dog food when you can eat people?
  4. Dog Pack – A pack of wild, starving dogs; hungry enough to attack even a group of people
  5. Eels – Mutant electro-eels, swimming through shallow water, or perhaps evolved to burrow through the earth
  6. Feral Men – Devolved humans, regressed to the point of savagery; hostile towards technology
  7. Giant Creature – A giant mutant snake, or an alligator, or whatever…it just wants to eat you
  8. Hive – Strange mutant (or alien) bug-creatures; their hive is filled with squirming cocoon pods
  9. Infected – The place is packed with infected people, driven mad by their affliction; don’t let them touch you
  10. Jellyfish – A colony of mutant, flying jellyfish adapted to life on land; careful, they’re hard to see in the dark
  11. Killbot 2000 – An old military robot lurks within, set to autonomous extermination mode
  12. Leeches – Millions of them; individually not much harm, but in large groups they can drain all your blood within minutes
  13. Morlocks – Using these ruins as a surface-level outpost; look for a hidden entrance to their subterranean city, somewhere nearby
  14. Nano-swarm – Little black dust-devils, one moment twirling about at random, the next engulfing you and disassembling your atoms
  15. Ooze Colony – A slimy pool of sentient goo, eager to add you to its collective consciousness
  16. Pathogen – A sentient pathogen, looking for hosts to control…why is Bob acting so strange lately?
  17. Quail, Killer – They seem harmless enough
  18. Raiders – A hardened band of bloodthirsty techno-raiders; these ruins are probably their base
  19. Slavers – The worst of human scum; watch out or they’ll add you to their ‘inventory’
  20. Spawn – Of Shoggoth
  21. Tentacles – Tentacles thrust forth from every nook and cranny; the heart of the mutant beast must lie deep at the bottom of the ruins
  22. Ticks – Swarms of giant ticks, eager for your blood
  23. Ubermen – Genetically engineered super-soldiers, remnants of The Last War
  24. Vermin – Mutant rats with the intelligence of humans, if not the form…and they hate you
  25. Worm – Giant flesh-eating worms; they’re blind, but they sense vibrations in the ground, and detect body heat
  26. Xenomorph – Strange alien monstrosities, inimical to human life
  27. Yellow Dust – Spores of a brain-eating fungus, exploding into a cloud at the slightest disturbance
  28. Zombies! – Cannibalistic ambulatory dead, victims of an Ancient biological weapon from The Last War
  29. Roll twice on the list
  30. GM’s pick

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