Junkyards of the Ancients

The Ancients left behind vast tracks of land littered with refuse and garbage, material they considered broken and useless.  But what was junk for the Ancients is a potential treasure trove for post-apocalyptic wastelanders.


Junkyards of the Ancients

  1. Tire Dump – Literally mountains of discarded tires, perfect for building settlement walls or making tread-armor for your wasteland legions
  2. Covered Landfill – Erosion and blast damage reveal a gold mine of useful salvage; start digging
  3. Wrecking Yard – Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of rusting vehicles…a great source of spare parts and scrap metal
  4. Nuclear Waste Depositary – If you can get through the heavy blast doors you’ll find all kinds of fun, glowing material to play with
  5. Superfund Site – Hazardous to your health, sure, but a plethora of useful chemicals, provided you find a way to extract them from the soil
  6. Municipal Dump – Like a landfill, only not disguised to look like a park; there might even be a few rusty bulldozers still sitting around
  7. Aircraft Graveyard – A vast field filled with discarded aircraft; they make great shelters, and a good source of scrap metal
  8. Recycling Center – Excellent source of raw materials: metal, plastic, paper, cloth, even discarded electronic devices
  9. Mothball Fleet – Mountains of metal for the taking, and a ship can make quite a formidable fortress
  10. Robot Mortuary – Facility for the decommissioning of obsolete robots; plenty of parts and maybe even find some repairable Mark VII Deathbots!

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