Wasteland Anomalies

Again, building off of yesterday’s post, here’s a list of wasteland anomalies/strange occurances:


Wasteland Anomalies

  1. Eternal Stationary Tornado
  2. Perfect Circle of Corpses
  3. Space/Time Warp
  4. Zone of Silence
  5. Icy Chill on a Warm Summer Day
  6. Globe of Perpetual Darkness
  7. Radio Signals from the Distant Past
  8. Dancing Water
  9. Ghostly Shadows from the Apocalypse
  10. You Get the Feeling You’re Being Watched
  11. Wasteland Mirage…that You Can Actually Walk To
  12. Time Stutter
  13. Localized Electrical Discharges
  14. Was That Town There Yesterday?
  15. Intense Magnetic Disruption
  16. Spatial Rift
  17. Missile Suspended Mid-air…Forever
  18. Field of Quaking Rocks
  19. Voices Out of the Ruins
  20. A Vision of the Apocalypse

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