What’s in the Wasteland? – Unusual Locations

A follow up to yesterday’s post on random wasteland locations.


Unusual Wasteland Locations (roll 1d20):

  1. Massive Glowing Crater
  2. Insanity-inducing Alien Portal
  3. Apparently Empty Field, Enclosed by a Chain-link Fence
  4. Smashed Alien Ship
  5. Giant Sealed Blast Doors
  6. Step Pyramid, Humming with Power
  7. Mothball Fleet, Resting on the Dusty Plains
  8. Kaiju Remains
  9. Operational Nuclear Power Plant
  10. Unexploded ICBM
  11. Battlefield of the Ancients
  12. Breached Military Bunker
  13. An Aircraft Carrier, Where it Shouldn’t Be
  14. Inoperable Mobile Assault Fortress
  15. Destroyed Alien Outpost
  16. Ancient Gladiatorial Coliseum
  17. Hidden Geo-thermal Plant
  18. Forbidden Ancient Research Facility
  19. Remote Satellite Uplink Facility
  20. A Wasteland Anomaly

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