What’s in the Wasteland? – Random Wasteland Locations

The Ancients left behind many mysterious structures.  These amazingly durable artifacts dot the wastelands, home for some, a potential jackpot of Ancient technology for others.  Whether they’re occupied, and by who, is left to the GM’s imagination (or, perhaps, a future random table):


What’s in the Wasteland? (roll 1d20):

  1. Ancient Farmstead
  2. Abandoned Ghost Mine
  3. Lost Highway Diner
  4. Mysterious Walled Compound
  5. Empty Missile Silo
  6. Heavily Fortified Granary
  7. Walled Outpost, Beneath a Freeway Overpass
  8. Dilapidated Trestle Bridge
  9. Infested Suburban Housing Development
  10. Sentinel Watchtower
  11. A Forest of Windmills
  12.  Imposing Warehouse Store, Surrounded by a Sea of Asphalt
  13. Long Dead Convoy
  14. Rural Airfield
  15. A Lonely House
  16. Jetliner, in the Middle of Nowhere
  17. Endless River of Rusting Hulks
  18. Skeletal Sky-Towers of the Ancients
  19. Forlorn School House
  20. Something Unusual

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