Implied Spaces


Just wanted to point out an interesting book I just finished, Implied Spaces by Walter Jon Williams.  Aside from being a very entertaining read, the book contains a wealth of ideas for a super-science/fantasy RPG campaign:

  • A “magic” sword edged with a wormhole, instantly sending its victims to a pocket universe.
  • A cat that is actually a conduit to a planet-sized A.I. (wizard’s familiar, anyone?)
  • Custom made pocket-universes, designed to suit their builder’s whim’s and desires; for example, a “world” built by gamers filled with fantasy creatures, where technology can never advance beyond the medieval level.  Some pocket universes are designed purely for industrial purposes, providing essentially limitless energy and resources.
  • Don’t like your body?  No problem, just have a new one built and download your mind into it.  Want to be an amphibian?  An avian?  Some weird centaur/izard hybrid thingy?
  • Oh, and the same technology makes death a mere inconvenience.  Just backup your mind and if you die, you’ll be resurrected and your last backup downloaded into the new body.  You might loose a few days, depending on how often you backup your wetware.
  • Want to be a god, complete with a cult of perfectly brainwashed followers?  Just create a genetically engineered virus to re-wire people’s brains and then spread the virus around a major city.  Anarchy and chaos more your style?  Then create a “zombie” virus that turns people into a raving lunatics.
  • Military dropships that are essentially wormhole gates to micro-universes containing millions of invasion troops.
  • Pocket universes filled with anti-matter, fired as missiles.

A lot of neat ideas here for a transhumanist/super-science/fantasy RPG game.  What if your D&D campaign world is actually a specifically designed pocket universe?  What if, instead of visiting other planes or planets, PCs can portal to other micro-universes, each designed with a specific purpose in mind, some with their own, special physical laws even.  What if the PCs are hit by wormhole weapon, dumping them into a prison universe from which they need to escape?  Or chasing a villain who can change their appearance at will, or download their mind into another person, or create an army of genetically brainwashed cultists?  Talk about gonzo. 🙂



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