Neverwinter Online: Fury of the Feywild

Neverwinter Online released its first content expansion (they call them ‘Modules’), Fury of the Feywild, yesterday.  This is not intended as a full review, as a proper review would require weeks of gameplay.  Rather, this is more of a mini-rant.

Mind you, it’s not that FotFw isn’t fun to play.  What little of it I’ve been able to access has been about as good as anything else in Neverwinter Online (take that as you will).  No, the main problem is that I can’t play as much of the new content as I’d like.  And the reason I (or anybody) can’t play as much as we’d like is because Perfect World imposed ridiculous lock-out timers after completing a few quests.

Here’s how it works:  you do a short solo intro adventure then plop into Sharandar.  There you get three daily quests.  After completing your three daily quests, you’re unable to advance any further for the next 13 hours, after which you can then complete another 3 daily quests and then wait another 13 hours.  Do this three times to unlock the next area of the new zone where, presumably, you’ll repeat the process all over again.  It’s basically an entire zone made up of nothing but WoW-like daily quests.

On top of the timers, accessing much of the content seems to require the expenditure of gold and/or astral diamonds, plus special currencies earned only in the Feywild (granted, I haven’t been able to progress far enough to test this yet, so I might be wrong).  One wonders why PW didn’t just cut out the clutter and charge ZEN directly to access the additional content, though perhaps that would have been a bit too transparent.

I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for this expansion.  Sure, it looks gorgeous, but frankly the whole thing feels a bit half-assed, content-wise at least.

Okay, rant over.  Maybe I’ll be able to give a better assessment in a couple of weeks, after I’ve had a chance to (glacially) progress through each area.  Cheers.


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