Teratic Tome


Well, Lulu had a nice discount a couple of weeks ago so I went ahead and ordered the Teratic Tome by Rafael Chandler.  It’s an old school style monster manual designed for OSRIC, but shares more than a little resemblance to the 1E AD&D rulebooks of old.  In fact, the look and feel is amazingly close…so close that you could sit the TT right next to the MM on your bookshelf and, absent close inspection, most gamers probably wouldn’t be able to tell that the TT wasn’t part of 1st Edition AD&D.

However, these aren’t your old grognard’s monsters.  The teratoforms contained within have more in common with the monsters from the Fiend Folio than your typical orc or ogre.  More mind-twisting horrors than hack-and-slash brutes.  Fun stuff after slaying your 10,000th goblin, or when killing red dragons is old hat.

Even if you don’t play OSRIC/1E AD&D the monsters should be easy enough to convert to your OSR retroclone of choice.  And if you do still play 1st Edition, it might be a nice addition to your collection, mixing in some new monsters for your game and look right a home sitting next to your old 1E books.

If you’re interested you can order a hardcopy at Lulu.com, or pick up the PDF at RPGNow.com (and it’s Pay What You Want, no less).


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2 Responses to “Teratic Tome”

  1. Rafael Chandler Says:

    Thanks, amigo! Glad you dug it.

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