Ice Wizard of the Outer Worlds

Yeah, totally borrowed this from Pathfinder.

Yeah, totally borrowed this from Pathfinder.

Xarxelix, popularly known as the Ice Wizard, haunts a region of border space known as the Outer Worlds.  Posing as an explorer, xeno-archeologist and adventurer, his primary trade is actually smuggling.  Imperial authorities have tried for years, in vain, to capture him and bring him to justice for his many “crimes.”  No doubt a horrible fate awaits him should they ever succeed.

Among his many exploits is the infamous Tarcin Incident, wherein he smuggled illicit magical arms to rebellious aliens on the eponymous planet, enabling them to throw off their Imperial chains.  It later turned out the weapons were merely decaying relics looted from a nearby tomb-world, endowed with a faint magical aura (enough for detect magic) and sold for obscene profit to the desperate aliens.  None-the-less, the placebo weapons provided the aliens a powerful psychological advantage, sufficient to wipe out the entire Imperial garrison (unfortunately for them, the Empire later hell-bombed the planet, wiping it clean of all life…an act publicly blamed on the Ice Wizard).

And then there was his raid on the Imperial harem world of Ghorsha IV, but this is a family-friendly blog, so I really can’t go into much detail about that…

The Ice Wizard’s primary means of conveyance is a captured comet, Zephyr, converted by means unknown into a interplanetary space vessel.  Many-a-time the Ice Wizard has slipped past blockades and patrols, mistaken for nothing more than a speeding comet.  It is said he can destroy ships simply by ramming them, though this has yet to be independently verified.

The Ice Wizard's ride.

The Ice Wizard’s space-ride.

Despite his arcane moniker, don’t expect any cones of cold or ice storms from the Ice Wizard.  The nickname comes from his preferred method of foe-disposal: teleporting enemies into the frigid void of space, where they can suck vacuum and freeze solid…though he’ll settle for fireballs  and lightning bolts in a pinch.

Nemys, murdering hapless space-goblins

Nemys, murdering hapless space-goblins

The infamous smuggler-wizard is never far from his partner-in-crime, the blood-crazed Flumph known only as Nemys, a nom de guerre (as the creature’s Flumph identity is nearly undecipherable).  Only Xarxelix understands the foul-tempered Flumph, often translating for the edification of others.  Fortunately the wizard is able to keep his irritable companion in line…for the most part.

The Imperial bounty for the Ice Wizard’s head currently stands at 10,000 electrums, though it is said the nefarious Shadow Council is offering more…much more.  Should you go looking for him be ready for a fight, for no bounty-hunter yet has even come close to ensnaring the clever wizard, Xarxelix.


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