WH40K Ultramarines Movie


So I had a chance to watch the Warhammer 40K Ultramarines movie on Netflix, based on the tabletop miniatures wargame.  It’s a full CGI movie and I have to say they did a pretty decent job with the animation.  The Space Marines move a little weird in their power armor, but otherwise not bad.

For those who are fans of WH40K fluff, the movie does a good job of capturing the mood and tone of the game: massive gothic architecture, dark foreboding future, doom and gloom, Space Marine litanies and all the rest.

Unfortunately, for a movie about Space Marines you’d think there’d be more shooting and battles.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s some fighting and action, but it’s mostly mooding and brooding on a desolate planet.  The movie does drag a bit, though it’s only a bit over an hour long so they don’t keep you hanging too long.  If you’re a nerd for the WH40K setting (like I am) you may not notice the slow parts as much because you’ll be drooling over all the ‘grim-dark’ details they capture in the movie.

There's shooting in the movie, but nothing this epic.

There’s shooting in the movie, but nothing this epic.

If you’re a fan of the game (or just the setting) you should catch the movie, if you haven’t already.  If you have no idea what WH40K is about, it could be a good intro to the game/setting, though you’ll probably find that the movie is slow in parts.


2 Responses to “WH40K Ultramarines Movie”

  1. Edward Wilson Says:

    A friend lent me this film just recently. Overall I feel it comes across a bit like an extended cut scene from a video game. It was good on the setting and does make a great intro to the WH40K world.

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