Star Trek Into Darkness


Saw the latest Star Trek movie tonight and must say that it is a very fine film.  Benedict Cumberbatch makes an excellent villain (and I don’t want to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, so I won’t say who).  Lots of shooting and action (like most of the Star Trek movies).  Special effects are amazing (par for the course, these days).  And plenty of nods to the original series (a tribble and a reference to nurse Chapel, among others).

One thing I’ve like about the reboots is that the ships have a hard, industrial look (especially the engineering sections), rather than being sleek TV sets.  I really liked the warp core reactor in this movie; instead of a glowing glass tube, it really looks like a massive piece of industrial equipment that just pumps out energy and lethal radiation.  Very nice touch.

So, if you liked the first reboot, you should like Into Darkness, too.  I’d pay full price for this one (if I had to 🙂 ).


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