oblivionmovieOblivion is one of those movies with a twist.  It’s one of those movies that revolves around the twist.  The movie is the twist.  So in that respect, Oblivion does a decent job of delivering.  It doesn’t come completely out of left field (like Sixth Sense or the Usual Suspects), but there was still enough there to surprise me a bit.  That said, now that I know what the twist is, I’ll probably never watch Oblivion again, as I already know what the movie is about.

The visuals, on the other hand, will blow you away.  They did a really good job portraying man-made ruins amidst a devastated Earth.  Skyscrapers turned into canyons, the Empire State Building buried up to the observation deck, rusting ships and submarines laying on a dried up sea-floor.  Great imagery for a post-apocalypse role-playing game.

Just don’t think about the plot too much, because it has enough holes to sink a ship.  I don’t want to get into too much detail for fear of giving away the twist, but the more I think about it the more little things I find that don’t really stack up.

If you’re a big fan of sci-fi movies, Oblivion is probably worth the price of a matinee.  Otherwise, wait for Netflix.  Cheers.


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