Space-Age Sorcery

Space-AgeSorcery_Cover2a300Hereticwerks presented a few weeks ago a new supplement for old school D&D called Space-Age Sorcery.  If you like to mix your fantasy with science-fiction, with a dash of Vance and/or Lovecraft (ala Terminal Space), this is the PDF for you.

A few sample spells:

  • Commune with AI
  • Tenebrous Tentacle of the Outermost Darkness
  • Summon Beast of the Fire Maidens from Outer Space
  • Foe Hammer (one I particularly like; creating a magical hammer from the spine of your defeated enemies!)
  • Transfer Brain
  • Summon Supplicants of the Event Horizon Configuration

It might be interesting to run a game of D&D using these spells instead of the standard go-to’s (like Sleep and Fireball), though some modification may be required depending on whether you roll with robots and spaceships in your campaign.


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