WotC to reprint OD&D

You’ve probably already heard about this, but I need something for a lazy post, so here we go:

oddreprintApparently WotC is going to release a special “collectors” reprint of Original D&D, including fancy dice and a wood box.  Here’s the link.  I think the photo shown is just a mock up for promotional purposes and probably not representative of the final product.  At least, I hope it’s not because $150 is an outrageous sum for what’s shown there.  If this came out a couple of months from now, I’d be calling it an April Fool’s joke.

While it’s exciting that WotC is doing an OD&D reprint, this particular product feels more like OSR-nostalgia exploitation.  Unfortunately, there are probably a lot of people who’ll pay that ridiculous price anyways, so I guess I can’t fault Wizards for getting their marketing right.  Hopefully they’ll also release more reasonably priced PDFs at some point.



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