A Good Day to Die Hard

gooddaytodiehardI saw the latest installment of the Die Hard franchise today and have to say I found it a little wanting.  While it has plenty of action, shooting and explosions, in comparison to Live Free or Die Hard, it just felt a little flat.

The movie wastes no time getting into the action.  Within 5 minutes (give or take), John McClane is in Moscow stealing cars and involved in an over-the-top car chase.  I usually don’t care if my action movies have much plot or story, but this set-up is especially thread-bare.

To be fair, the action sequences were pretty good, for the most part.  But the interaction between the McClane boys was fairly predictable and uninteresting, the villains were fairly uninteresting (unlike Timothy Oliphant in LFoDH) and suspension of disbelief was particularly difficult at times, even for an action movie.

If this weren’t a Die Hard movie, it’d probably be an okay action film.  But when compared to LFoDH, it’s very lackluster.  The last movie had more interesting characters, better buddy chemistry between Willis and Long and a better overall story.

Still, if you’re a die hard Die Hard fan, or a big-time action movie junkie, it’s probably still worth the price of a matinee ticket.  Otherwise, wait for Netflix or Redbox.


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  1. Tiny Beam of Light Says:

    A Good Day to Die Hard (2013) dir: John Moore…

    A friend worked on this movie. He overheard this conversation between the Producer and the Studio: Producer : yeah we’re making this action movie with Jai Courtney. It’s got huge explosions, and you wouldn’t believe the amount of cars we destroy. It’s …

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