The Last Stand

thelaststandThe other day I saw Arnie’s latest action flick, The Last Stand.  It’s a fairly predictable movie with a typical over-the-top ridiculous action-movie plot.  Pretty much what you see in the ads is what you get in the movie.  And while it’s hardly in the same league as Predator, Commando or Total Recall, I still enjoyed it.  The movie is nothing fancy or innovative, but it moved along at a good pace, wastes no time setting up the story and then just goes.  It’s got plenty of gratuitous shooting, explosions and fast-car-driving (always a plus in my book), plus good bit of humor, including a couple of jokes poking fun at Arnie’s age.

If you’re a fan of Arnold Schwarzenegger, or action movies in general, I think it’s worth the price of a matinée ticket.  Otherwise, you may want to wait until it hits Netflix or Redbox.


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