A New Years Resolution

Normally I’m not much of one for doing New Years resolutions, mainly because I never seem to be able to keep them.  But maybe by committing to a resolution publicly it will help me to keep this one:

For some time I’ve wanted to publish an RPG, something a bit more substantial than the usual free PDF material I’ve put out in the past.  I’ve been working on the project, off and on, for a while now…mainly in the “thinking” or conceptual stage.  I think I’m about ready to put pen-to-paper (so to speak), so hopefully I’ll be able to get the initial rules up before school starts again at the end of January.

GW1stIt will be a rules-lite OSR inspired game, but it will not be a fantasy heartbreaker retroclone.  There are already a zillion of those.  I’m thinking more along the lines of a Gamma World-esque post-apocalypse game, loosely modeled on Swords & Wizardry Whitebox (meaning even more rules-lite than original GW).  Other than Mutant Future, I don’t think there have been many post-apoc type RPGs to come out of the OSR (of course, that could also be a function of market…maybe there isn’t a lot of demand for such games?).

Also, it will not come in dead tree format.  I have neither the time, nor inclination, to learn how to do layout for a proper book.  Nor do I want to mess around with Lulu.com or other PoD publishers.  But blogging is something that I am familiar with, and with the right WordPress plugins you can create a RPG that is far more interactive than any book.

So there it is.  Not exactly revolutionary…it won’t shake the pillars of heaven.  But I think it’s a neat idea and should be fun to work on, even if no one (but me) ever plays it.  I hope to have the initial rules up before the end of January, and then I’ll need to see if my current group would be willing to help me play test it (hrm, perhaps I can bribe them with pizza and promises of eternal glory, being the first play testers?).

Happy New Years to all of you.  See you next year :).


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