Isle of Dread Pt. 2

I’m a bit behind on the D&D reports, so I’m going to use bullet points to hit the highlights in roughly chronological order:

  • Party inquires with rakasta about any nearby treasure to loot; they’re informed of a roc nest a few days away rumored to have a great treasure
  • On the way they swing by the phanatom village to see their “old buddy” Climbs Tall Trees; they charm him again (they needed a guide)
  • They also charmed the phanaton chief, but didn’t bring him along; at this point they’ve pretty much worn out their welcome with the phanatons
  • Travelling through the jungle they encounter a treant that hassles them a bit, but also confirms that the rocs have a great treasure
  • The party successfully negotiates a dangerous river crossing in the mountains and soon come upon the roc nest…high up on a peak
  • They concoct a plan to use the halfling as bait to lure the rocs down and then, when they get close enough, the magic-user will web them
  • The plan works…on the first roc
  • When the second roc doesn’t respond, they decide to climb up to the nest; they find it devoid of treasure, though a careful search does turn up a treasure map; the second roc is missing
  • The elf is pissed about this turn of events; he was expecting a vast hoard of treasure in the nest
  • The map indicates that the treasure is located on the far north end of the island…so off they go, through the mountains
  • About a week later (with no encounters) they arrive at the shores of a vast lake surrounded by jungle; a huge mound of dirt indicates X on the map
  • Nearby is a stoned ankylsaurus (club tail dinosaur); it’s been munching on locoweed and it’s aggressive; they party actually kills it pretty quick though
  • The party collects some locoweed for future, ah, “medicinal” use
  • They dig up a massive treasure haul worth about 19,000 GP; the elf is still pissed that it wasn’t at the roc’s nest, as promised
  • As they’re sorting through the treasure, a hungry allosaurus wanders by, no doubt attracted by the nearby dead dinosaur
  • An epic battle ensues; almost everyone in the party takes significant damage; a couple PCs almost die, but in the end they manage to bring it down
  • They take a couple of weeks to travel back to the village to drop off their loot, surprised to find their ship and crew haven’t taken off on them; after a couple days rest they resolve to head for the central plateau to find the ‘pearl of the gods’
  • A week later they’re at the base of a 300′ rope bridge leading up to the plateau (the phanaton led them there)
  • Crossing the bridge one at a time, they’re attacked by 3 pteranodons (giant pteradactyles, basically) which try to knock them off the bridge; the magic-user casts web on the flyers again, to great effect and they manage to fight them off
  • The plateau area is much cooler, more like savanna than jungle; off in the distance they see a massive cliff face extending up into the clouds
  • Hiking towards the cliff, they’re ambushed by two sabre-tooth tigers; sabre-tooth tigers get three attacks per round, so it’s a pretty tough fight for the party, but again they manage to kill them
  • Arriving at the cliff they discover that it’s actually a massive circle; they spend a couple of days travelling the circumfrence, looking for a way through
  • They encounter more pteranadons, again employing the web trick; the halfling tries to bronco-bust one, but gets taken for a ride himself (and a hard fall afterwards)
  • Realizing there is no easy way through, they find the best spot to climb and go over it; the next day they descend the other side and find themselves in a volcanic bowl, quite warm, with lake and all manner of tropical plants inside it; in the center of the lake is an island with a stone temple on it, their next destination

And that’s where the session ended.

You’ve probably noticed that in-game time is passing much more quickly with this wilderness oriented adventure.  They spent about 4-5 weeks at the Caves of Chaos in 6 game sessions but have already been on the Isle of Dread about 6 weeks in just 2 game sessions (not counting travel time to the island).

Using web on the roc was a great idea, but in hindsight I shouldn’t have let that particular trick work on the pteranadons so easily, as they are much bigger than the rocs.  Still, I continue to be impressed with the player’s resourcefulness.


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