The Hobbit


Just saw it.  It was awesome.  You should go see it, if you haven’t already.

And gotta say, orcs in The Hobbit seem so much more badass than they do in D&D.


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2 Responses to “The Hobbit”

  1. David Jenks Says:


    I have learned to separate the Jackson films from the books, because if you expect faithful adaptations of the books you’ll be upset. However, if you go in knowing that Jackson is going to….change…things, you’ll enjoy your pants off.

    • edowar Says:

      True. Some things in the books just wouldn’t translate well in a mainstream motion picture. And even if they aren’t 100% “faithful” adaptations, they are still marvelous films in their own right.

      Anyone who refuses to see The Hobbit just because it isn’t pure is doing themselves a disservice.

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