Pathfinder Online Kickstarter

You may recall earlier this year Paizo/Goblinworks did a Kickstarter for the Pathfinder Online Technology Demo, which well exceeded its target numbers.  Well, I guess the tech demo was a success and now they’ve started a Kickstarter to fund the actual MMO production:

Pathfinder Online Kickstarter

One day in and it’s already at $125K, so that’s an auspicious start.

With a $35 pledge you’ll get a digital copy of the game when it comes out, a month of play time and some other goodies.  At $100 you get all that, plus early access to the beta in 2014 (and some other junk).

Just when I think I’m done with MMOs for good, they drag me back in!  Honestly, if they can really pull off everything they say they want to do, it sounds like it would be a pretty cool game.  There aren’t very many sandbox MMOs out there anymore.

So, if you’re a fan of MMOs and/or Pathfinder, you may want to check it out.  Cheers.


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