The War Planet

One of many hundreds of quarantined worlds, the War Planet (as it has come to be known), was once home to an advanced alien species.  This species fought a devastating civil war, culminating in the ultimate destruction of the planet’s eco-system.  As population levels declined, the two factions increasingly turned to robotic war machines to carry on in their stead.  As populations continued to decline, automated factories and mines took over the production and maintenance of the war machines.

And now, centuries after the last aliens died in the last remaining command bunkers, the machines carry on their war by proxy, locked in eternal stalemated combat.  Robotic war machines tread through the detrius of war, searching out enemies, their outposts and, most importantly, their factories.  The machines on the surface are guided by uncompromising and implacable A.I. ‘generals,’ buried in deep, heavily fortified bunker complexes, while  ‘research’ A.I.s continue to develop new weapons and robot variants in an unending effort to gain some temporary advantage over the enemy.

The surface is littered with the weapons and tools from centuries of warfare, a rich haul for any scavenger willing to dare the planet’s many hazards.  Like the insane warbots that are simply incapable of recognizing off-worlders as anything but enemies, subject to immediate termination.  Or the environmental hazards, such as clouds of poison gas, radiation storms, lakes of acid and horrific mutant beasts.  Still, many are willing to take the risk, for one good find on the War Planet can set a crew up in luxury for the rest of their lives.


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