Just saw the new Judge Dredd movie starring Karl Urban and I enjoyed it.  In my opinion, I’d say that Urban’s Dredd hews closer to the comics than Stallone’s version.

However, the Stallone movie did a better job of portraying a decaying, claustrophobic Mega-City 1.  In the new movie, MC 1 looks more like Los Angeles, with some huge towers interspersed here and there, than any East Coast city I’ve seen, much less MC 1 from the comics.

Once the action moves indoors it looks more like the Judge Dredd we know and love from the comics.  However, the story does bear a resemblence to another movie that came out earlier this year called The Raid: Redemption.  Dredd, and the rookie sidekick he’s evaluating, have to work their way up a sealed block tower to get to the crime lord that’s running the place (MaMa, played by the awesome Lena Headey).

MaMa’s also distributing this new drug called Slow Mo (or something like that), which slows down one’s perception of time.  Really, I think the drug only exists in the movie to justify gratuitous 3D shots (though I saw it in 2D).

So, plenty of violence and gunplay, Urban’s pretty good as Dredd and a fairly accurate representation of Mega City 1, once the action moves indoors.  Cheers.


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