Heroes RPG 1.2 released

A few weeks ago I mentioned an old RPG by David Millward called Heroes, set in a gritty, non-fantasy Dark Ages world.  Well, the new edition has been released (available here, if you’re interested).  Unfortunately, it’s currenly only available in dead tree format, and the publisher is in Great Britain.  With shipping and currency conversion the cost is in the neighborhood of $60, a price I can’t presently justify.  If they come out with a more affordable PDF or POD version, I’ll pick it up and post my impressions.


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4 Responses to “Heroes RPG 1.2 released”

  1. Exscolari Says:

    In 1979 Heroes was published at £2.95. At the time, beer was 34p per pint; so you could buy Heroes for the equivalent of 8.67 pints of beer.
    Heroes 1.2, with a bigger map and lots more pages of rules and information, costs £24.95. The average price of a pint now, is over £3; making Heroes the equivalent of 8.31 pints. In terms of price inflation, the new edition is actually cheaper than the old one.
    The price of postage worldwide seems to have risen phenomenally. I post first class within the UK and EU in order to ensure prompt delivery. In the rest of the world, I take advantage of Printed Paper rate, which is a concessionary rate. As I currently make a loss on the charge for postage & packing at the present rates, there is nothing else I can do to reduce the cost any further.
    The original edition of Heroes was written in my spare time, over a two year period, when I was Head of History in a Warwickshire school (UK). The present edition is the product of 9 months working 30+ hours a week on the project. Even now, there is a premium cost to printing small numbers of a book. I have to recover my costs and I think I should expect some remuneration for my labours.
    The high cost of Heroes 1.2 in the US is also a result of the falling value of the US dollar against the UK pound. When Heroes was first published the pound and the dollar were around parity; today £1 (GBP) will get you 1.6128$. In other words, in 1979 you could pretty well get one GBP for one USD; today a US dollar will only get you 0.6197 GBP. Again, there is little I can do about that.
    I’m afraid that there is no current plan to make Heroes 1.2 available as a PDF. I am considering producing a Heritage edition; a facsimile of the original. If that proves possible, it will hopefully be published early in 2013, but at the moment it too is planned as a physical book.

    • edowar Says:

      Thank you for posting. I certainly understand the need to recover your costs, at the very least, and realize that much of the price is due to factors beyond your control.

      If you have no plans for a PDF version, have you considered a Print-on-Demand version through Lulu.com, or a similar site? If Heroes were available in the U.S. through Lulu.com that at least would help reduce the shipping cost somewhat, though there may be tax implications that you wouldn’t want to hassle with.

      At any rate, should the exchange rate, or my financial situation, improve I’d be happy to purchase a copy. Thank you again for taking the time to post here.

      • Exscolari Says:

        Lulu doesn’t offer an attractive proposition. However, I am aware of the cost implications of importing from the UK and I am actively looking into the possibility of acquiring a US Agent who could print in the USA and distribute within the states. This is unlikely to bear fruition in the immediate future, but I am looking into it…

      • edowar Says:

        I’ll keep my fingers crossed then, and keep an eye out for any future announcements on the matter. Many thanks.

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